Seriously, why block Skype? Embrace it!

I keep coming across articles about Egyptian government’s decision on blocking Skype.  I don’t get it.  Everywhere in the world people are embracing new technologies and learning to use them to make more profits if they are businesses or save money if they are consumers.  Why do we always have to be the people who ban technology to force people to pay more?

Instead of banning it why don’t they regulate it so they can get paid for it too.  For example why don’t they offer people the option of buying skype minutes using their top up cards and negotiate a deal with Skype to get a piece of that pie?  I mean Skype Out does not have the best quality all the time, they could give users the option, they could either pay more for better quality.  Besides they could make more in the end anyway because people would most probably use more minutes.

How are they going to block it anyway?  I understand technically how it can be done, but will they block SkypeOut (PC to Phone calls) and allow people to use regular Skype (PC to PC) or will they be blocking the application all together?

I don’t live in Egypt at the moment, so the decision doesn’t really affect me but it bugs me.  Isn’t it enough that people have to deal with loved ones living on different continents, do they also have to make it cost an arm and a leg to call them.  Even if we take it from a business perspective, companies who use VOIP technology are doing business overseas, many of them exporting goods or services, why do we have to make them pay more money.  Shouldn’t the government be aiding businesses that export?

The question that now bugs me, as consumers what can we do other than just accept it and live with the decision?

Is there a way to fight back?

I guess not other than finding other programs that haven’t yet been blocked.

Another example of failing to take an opportunity and turn it into success.


  • At 2010.03.17 14:11, Jasmine said:

    Oh no :( That’s bad news. I agree with you, it shouldn’t be done.

    • At 2010.03.17 14:38, Sinar said:

      I can’t blv that they are really doing it, for now, it’s only from usb-modems or mobile internet .. but they are really considering doing it for the ADSl connections too,

      Can’t they get that it’s become a major communication method between families, business partners, ..etc.

      7assa enhom 3aizeen yemosso dammena w khalas..

      • At 2010.03.17 15:29, KJ said:

        It’s blocked in the UAE as well. The telecom regulators do not want people to make phone calls at a cheaper rate than what the providers offer

        • At 2010.03.18 10:44, inas said:

          aslohom 7ameer

          • At 2010.03.19 12:28, Shimaa Gamal said:

            I think they should fall under the monopoly law.
            But I am not sure how to report this. I guess consumer protection authority could be a 1st step

            I am not really sure, but this is not the 1st monopoly based decision to be taken by that authority. Remember the internet quotas. The problem is that it is supposed to be a regulatory authority to prevent monopolistic actions taken by the few companies dominating the market but apparently it facilitates the monopolization.