The moral of the story is …

In a land far far away in a time long long ago, there was a country. That country was beautiful and rich. The soils were rich, anything sown in the land would grow and be fruitful. They had one character flaw; someone should always be blamed. So instead of planting their land the farmers would squabble all day long on whose fault it was that the neighbor’s cows wandered into their fields. Was it the farm boy’s fault or was it the farmer’s wife’s fault. They would go on for days on end, for they were very skilled in arguing, they had had years of practice. So the land was not farmed and the people did not have any food to eat. They started to blame the king because of their character flaw. The king made a new law and said that anyone who blamed anyone would be jailed. The people were happy but they could not stop blaming each other, for it was in their nature. Many of the young able bodied farmers ended up in jail. Still, people did not farm the land because they were either in jail or complaining that the men who could farm were in jail and started to blame the king. The king canceled his law. People complained and blamed the king that spring had passed and that they could no longer sow any seeds. The king jailed people for complaining. Things got worse. A neighboring country tried to attack them but they got lucky and were saved.
The king died and another king came, the people complained and blamed the new king. The new king blamed the old king. The people blamed the old king and the new king. They thought if the new king died and they got an even newer king things would change. So they prayed all day long. They did not farm the fields, they did not work, they did not do anything except pray, blame and complain.
Finally after decades of praying they got a new king. But things had gotten so much worse and the people were still poor so the people blamed the newest king and the newest king blamed the people for their laziness and they all blamed the dead kings.
Things did not change, but life will go on.


  • At 2010.03.15 07:56, Dino said:

    first time i visit ur blog. i was drawn to the chocolate in the blog title! :) nice blog will come back inshala sis :) very interesting

    • At 2010.03.17 13:09, jessyz said:

      Glad you liked it. I love your blog and the bagoora comics/drawings/illustration things.
      Hope to see you soon over here.

      • At 2010.03.15 10:54, inas said:

        i know where is this land it the the land of retarded negative silly people let them drown in thier complaining and blaming

        • At 2010.03.17 13:32, jessyz said:

          hehehe la da fee lots of lands keda