Friday’s Five: Five reasons living in Kuwait is a good thing

  • My extended relatives don’t see me that often to tell me that I’ve gained weight.
  • Things cost almost exactly the same, but it feel better to pay 5 KD in Starbucks than it is to shell out a 100 LE bill.  The value is the same but the number is annoying.  Oh and the 1 pound coins are heavier than I remember.  I read an article a few weeks back about Egyptians hating the coins and thought that the Egyptians are just complainers, but I do see their point.  I always have around 10 LE in coins and they are quite heavy and have lots of volume.  I think they should make them smaller and lighter which would also mean they should be cheaper.  But maybe they won’t be as durable. Someone should explain why they chose that design.
  • Beep Beep Honk Honk, eley7eb el nabi yedrab kalaks.
  • WHO ON EARTH REDESIGNED THE ALEXANDRIA SMOUHA TRAFFIC MAP/PLAN?  Yes I am shouting.  Apparently that person was smoking pot or something because they just decided to transform two way streets into one way ones.  Theoretically that is not a problem but the signs are not really clear, so you take a right and suddenly find yourself face to face with incoming traffic and thousands of people cursing you and your family right up to your seventh grandfather.   They also didn’t bother to remove the roundabouts so it becomes really confusing.  But then again driving in Egypt is either in your blood or not.  Complaining about driving and traffic in Egypt is in all Egyptian’s blood.
  • But probably the most important reason is that it is where my home is.

Catty and Critical

My wonderful and amazing sister was telling me about the book “Make Every Man Want You (or Make yours want you more)” by Marie Forleo and especially about the following chapter:

Many women find it challenging to acknowledge and compliment other irresistible women, especially while in the presence of their man. Insecure women will criticize another woman’s clothing, shoes, bag, hair, body, makeup, or success. These catty and critical women mistakenly believe that tearing down another; irresistible woman will somehow be a preemptive strike and prevent their man from finding the other woman desirable. Nothing could be farther from the truth!
First of all, being critical of another woman casts you in a bad light. You are seen as insecure and jealous. And let’s be honest, your man probably noticed her at least ten minutes before you did, so why pretend otherwise?
Here’s the other thing. By bad-mouthing attractive women, you unconsciously program yourself not to become one. The universe is like a big photocopy machine that sends back to you copies of what you “order” through your thoughts. By being catty and critical, your thoughts are sending “attractive is bad” out to the universe, and the universe has no choice but to say, “Yes, master! Attractive is .” Because none of us wants to be bad, we will not allow ourselves to become attractive or, heaven forbid, irresistible.
Here’s what to do. When you notice another hot woman, silently bless her and say, “That’s right, girl. W-o-r-k!” This will recondition your mind to approve of being attractive, and the universe has no choice but to say, “Yes, master!” and support you in being as foxy as you want to be. Personally, I like to point out attractive women so both my partner and I can enjoy the eye candy. It is fun and supports honesty between us, and the bottom line is that he’s coming home with me.

I actually saw the light bulb go off in my head when she told me about it.  It was not just about attractiveness, but about anything and everything  you wish you had more of.

Disclaimer : From the reviews and what my sisters said, this isn’t a book about doing stuff or following rules for men to want you but more about loving yourself and enjoying yourself so your man will love you more.  It’s not about dating but about reality and relationships.

بَلْ أَكْثَرُهُمْ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ

ضَرَبَ اللَّهُ مَثَلًا رَجُلًا فِيهِ شُرَكَاءُ مُتَشَاكِسُونَ وَرَجُلًا سَلَمًا لِرَجُلٍ هَلْ يَسْتَوِيَانِ مَثَلًا الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ بَلْ أَكْثَرُهُمْ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ

ثم قال ” ضرب الله مثلا رجلا فيه شركاء متشاكسون ” أي يتنازعون في ذلك العبد المشترك بينهم ” ورجلا سلما ” أي سالما ” لرجل ” أي خالصا لا يملكه أحد غيره ” هل يستويان مثلا ” أي لا يستوي هذا وهذا كذلك لا يستوي المشرك الذي يعبد آلهة مع الله والمؤمن المخلص الذي لا يعبد إلا الله وحده لا شريك له فأين هذا من هذا ؟ قال ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما ومجاهد وغير واحد : هذه الآية ضربت مثلا للمشرك والمخلص ولما كان هذا المثل ظاهرا بينا جليا قال ” الحمد لله ” أي على إقامة الحجة عليهم ” بل أكثرهم لا يعلمون ” أي فلهذا يشركون بالله

ألأصل : .

Wisdom from the Back of a Truck

I love reading the quotes they right on trucks.  It would make an interesting coffee table book.  I would definitely buy it, but then again I am a nut case.

فكر بغيرك

فكر بغيرك

وأنتَ تُعِدُّ فطورك، فكِّر بغيركَ

لا تَنْسَ قوتَ الحمام

وأنتَ تخوضُ حروبكَ، فكِّر بغيركَ

لا تنس مَنْ يطلبون السلام

وأنتَ تسدد فاتورةَ الماء، فكِّر بغيركَ

مَنْ يرضَعُون الغمامٍ

وأنتَ تعودُ إلى البيت، بيتكَ، فكِّر بغيركَ

لا تنس شعب الخيامْ

وأنت تنام وتُحصي الكواكبَ، فكِّر بغيركَ

ثمّةَ مَنْ لم يحد حيّزاً للمنام

وأنت تحرّر نفسك بالاستعارات، فكِّر بغيركَ

مَنْ فقدوا حقَّهم في الكلام

وأنت تفكر بالآخرين البعيدين، فكِّر بنفسك

قُلْ: ليتني شمعةُ في الظلام

(محمود درويش)

I came across the English translated version somewhere and thought it was inspiration and sweet.

The Egyptian Government Can’t Make its Mind up on …

… the spelling of Borg El 3arab.

Disclaimer: No disrespect to the government, just wondering why the same department or ministry can’t be consistent.

My favorite Mug

I have lots of favorite mugs.  I buy them because I love collecting them.  I love the fact that they get chipped or broken so I can move on and have a new favorite.  I bought this one back in January 2008,  it lives at my mom’s house.  I bought it for my husband because he’s a leo and I was very pregnant and waiting for little Lulu to arrive and waiting for him to come from Kuwait and attend the birth.  I was so happy to see it was still safe and sound and I drink coffee in it every morning ever since I got here.

I have a favorite mug at home.  It is a small pale blue one.  I need to mugs of coffee in the morning to get going and because it is a little on the smallish side, it is the perfect size.  I miss it.  Just like I miss my home and most of all my husband.

I used to think that my mom’s home is still my home but for the first time I feel like a guest.  I think it is a good thing.  I have a home that I can call my own.  It might not be a castle (yet) but it is mine.  So as much as I am enjoying this long awaited vacation I am secretly happy knowing that I am eventually going back to the home I call my own.