Five months in the making

Back in December of 09′ I said I wanted to learn crochet. One of the reasons was to make a laptop sleeve.  Five months later, I actually made one.  Literally five months later I picked up the yarn and a hook and started to crochet.  I didn’t want to make the exact one.  I wanted something personal, something simple and something me.

So without further ado ;  *drum roll please* TaDaaaaaa!


Are you jealous?

Don’t you just love those big brown wooden buttons.  I love buttons, I love wood buttons, I love huge over sized buttons, not only am I a yarn lover, I am a button lover.  I need button therapy.  Do you want to make one?

Keep reading.

This isn’t really a pattern but more of a tutorial.

Step 1:  Supplies

Get your supplies ready.  For this you will need:

  • Yarn
  • Appropriate crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Laptop (you could always use the measurements but I think measuring against the thing itself is easier)
  • Buttons
  • Felt for the lining  (this is optional but it gives added protection against any falls, it also gives the sleeve some structure)

Step 2:  Starting

IMG_0247 Start chaining until the chain is as long as your laptop is wide.  Count your chains, if they are an odd number chain one more to make them even.

Chain one more, turn and sc all the way back to the first chain.  Keep going until the fabric measures half the height of the laptop.  You could go all the way but I wanted the seam to be in the middle because I originally had a totally different design in mind.

Step 3: Making the textured fabric

IMG_0257If you look closely you will notice that the stitch is not a plain single crochet one.  It’s a textured one.  It is easy, make sure your piece is right side facing then make a row of double crochets,  now turn, the fabric should be wrong side facing.  Chain one, dc in next stitch, slip stitch in next stitch, keep going until the end.  You should finish on a slip stitch into the top chain of the chain 3 (first dc).


Keep alternating between a row of double crochets and a row of (slip stitch – dc)s until  the textured part can cover your laptop.


If you only worked half the height in single crochet go ahead and work another half.

When you are done sc around the whole thing once for a cleaner finish.

Step 4:  Adding the lining

IMG_0314 Place the fabric flat on the table with the felt underneath it.  Mark the rectangle on the felt using a ruler, cut and pin the felt to the crochet.  Now sew them together.

IMG_0318 Fold the whole thing and sew it together long sides together.  I only sewed the crochet together, I am not sure why but at the time I thought it would be easier and cleaner.  You now have a tube like thing.  Congratulations, you are almost there.

Step 4: Make a gusset ( the bottom closing bit)


Insert your laptop in the tube and count the number of stitches on the bottom.  Make a chain that long, chain 1, turn and sc back and forth until the gusset is big enough to close the sleeve at the bottom.

IMG_0323 Sew the gusset to the rest of the sleeve.

Step 5: Making the flap

IMG_0325 Make a slip stitch into the first stitch on the back side of the sleeve.  Kind of difficult to explain but I hope the picture makes it easy to understand.  This should be the firs sc after the textured bit.  Sc all the way until the textured bit starts again, turn.

You have several options here.  You can either work it in only single crochet or you can repeat the textured bit.  I wanted the textured bit so I kept working until it was long enough to close over the laptop and there was an extra bit more, I switch back to single crochet so I could make the button holes.  Then I just did another two rows of single crochets then a row of double crochets and finished with a row of (slips stitches and dcs)  I liked the bobbly edge.

Step 6:  Finish up.

IMG_0335 Weave in any ends, sew in the buttons and enjoy your handiwork

Step 7: Take it out for a spin

And if anyone asks you where you got the amazing sleeve, feel good about yourself.

IMG_0334 IMG_0340


  • At 2010.05.13 12:33, Pearlin J said:

    its so pretty JessyZ, I also like that texture pattern.
    where did you get the fleece?

    • At 2010.05.13 12:58, jessyz said:

      Thank you.
      I got it from the little shops next to Barakat. Barakat have it too, but it’s more expensive and you don’t really need the high quality stuff for this.
      They have all the colors you can imagine, the stuff is so versatile and you can use it in so many different projects.

      • At 2010.05.13 13:22, deppy said:

        MashaAlah this was amazing :)

        I love brownish/wooden buttons too, they’re original you know :)

        • At 2010.05.13 13:09, jessyz said:

          I love wood buttons too, I buy them whenever I find them and say I will find a use for them later.

          • At 2010.05.13 14:29, Jasmine said:

            I love it!! You’re really talented, I’d never be able to do something like that.

            • At 2010.05.13 13:11, jessyz said:

              It is so much easier than you think. When I was a kid I was always envious of the other kids who were talented and could sing or act and got into school plays and stuff. Or people who could draw or paint. I was always into stuff you could make like origami and friendship bracelets. Took me 28 years to find a ‘talent’.

              • At 2010.05.13 15:53, Mona said:

                Wow, you are all kinds of awesome. It looks so great, be proud!

                • At 2010.05.13 13:13, jessyz said:

                  I am thank you. I am thinking of new things to make. I am hooked (pun intended)hehehehhe

                  • At 2010.05.13 23:06, Amira AK said:

                    that’s lovely, jessyz. Mabrouk 3aleiki the laptop sleeve. really beautiful and all the more so because you made it yourself :) the wooden buttons are just perfect 😉

                    • At 2010.05.15 22:40, jessyz said:

                      Thanx Amira. I guess everyone loves good’ole wooden buttons. :-)

                      • At 2010.05.13 23:10, ze2red said:

                        Mabroooooooooooooooooooooook 3aleky w 3ala el laptop. It looks so nice. You are impressing me everyday 😉

                        • At 2010.05.15 22:42, jessyz said:

                          Allah yebarek feeki. Hehehe enti lessa shofti 7aga buahahahaha (de7ka shereera geddan)

                          • At 2010.05.14 13:41, Sinar said:

                            JessyZ, you are awesome in this girl, way to go really …
                            I’ve never been a fond of making crochet myself, i’m not a patient person and such things make me mad pretty easy if i failed :)
                            but watching you, is making me so enthusiastic to try making my own …


                            • At 2010.05.15 22:44, jessyz said:

                              I am not a patient person either, but crafting in general helps because you learn to take the time, fix mistakes, sometimes even go back and start all over.
                              Character building at its finest :-)

                              • At 2010.05.14 15:52, Yassmina said:

                                Amaaaaaaaaaaazing begaaad :)

                                MAbroook el laptop bardo 😀

                                • At 2010.05.15 22:46, jessyz said:

                                  Thanx, allah yebarek feeki :-)

                                  • At 2010.05.15 23:20, ze2red said:

                                    7lewa ya om de7ka shereera, keep impressing me keda till some day i’ll do that to u :p

                                    • At 2010.05.17 11:32, jessyz said:

                                      Tab yalla :-) Actually I am impressed by your writing and depth all the time

                                      • At 2010.05.17 15:26, ze2red said:

                                        Ohhhh Ze2red betetzabat :$:$:$

                                        I’ve been busy for a couple of months now, I’m wrapping things up hopefully i’ll be done within a month or so… ed3ely gamed i really need the change and do something new for a change :)

                                        • At 2010.05.17 15:41, jessyz said:

                                          Rabena ye2aweeki, bent 7alal el 3asr eddan right now :-)

                                          • At 2010.05.17 15:50, ze2red said:

                                            eh dah, Allah… ze2red mabsoot. Khaleny fe balek 3ala tool “kisses”

                                            • At 2010.05.18 14:53, Serena said:

                                              Hi, quick question for you. With these crochet stiches are they the US or UK stitches?

                                              • At 2010.05.18 11:56, jessyz said:

                                                US stitches, sorry I forgot to mention it.

                                                • At 2010.05.18 19:17, KJ said:

                                                  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MARVELLOUS! I LOVE IT!

                                                  • At 2010.05.27 21:36, Helen said:

                                                    I love your laptop sleeve and am making me one. How did you make your buttonholes? I’m to that point and am not sure how to continue.
                                                    Thanks, Helen

                                                    • At 2010.05.27 21:54, jessyz said:

                                                      I did a row of single crochet then in the second row I skipped 5 single crochets and chained 5 instead. How many you skip depends on the size of the buttons. The skipped stitches should be slightly shorter than the diameter of your button. Then in the next row I just did single crochets in the chain space.

                                                      Does that make sense?

                                                      • At 2010.05.29 20:44, 3 balls of yarn, STAT « Three years out said:

                                                        […] found the pattern on Ravelry, the link is here. I haven’t been doing crochet for very long, but the instructions were ridiculously easy to […]

                                                        • At 2010.05.29 20:46, Sabrina said:

                                                          Hello! I used your pattern and instructions to make a laptop sleeve! I posted it up on Ravelry but I also blogged about it. Thanks, it was really easy to follow!

                                                          • At 2010.05.30 12:12, jessyz said:

                                                            Thanx, it looks really lovely, the buttons are really cute, I am happy you found the pattern easy to follow.

                                                            • At 2010.05.30 18:49, Helen said:

                                                              Yes that made sense. Thank you and now mine is now complete with buttons! I am thinking about adding a strap so I can carry it over my shoulder tho. Helen

                                                              • At 2010.08.16 01:30, mary zabala said:

                                                                muy very bonito

                                                                • At 2010.11.13 00:23, Cassie said:

                                                                  I love your sleeve and am trying to make one myself. When you say to turn it to the “wrong” side or “right” side. What way should I flip the pattern?

                                                                  • At 2010.11.20 08:54, jessyz said:

                                                                    The wrong side is when you flip it to the back.

                                                                    • At 2011.08.15 06:31, Jackie said:

                                                                      I’m making a mini one for my eReader :)

                                                                      • At 2011.10.01 06:17, Teni said:

                                                                        Hai Jessyz, nice tutorial..
                                                                        My friend ask me to make a laptop case, and luckily I find your tutorial. Thank you for sharing.. May I borrow your pattern? but I prefer using zipper instead of button.. can wait to make it..

                                                                        • At 2011.10.01 10:26, jessyz said:

                                                                          Of course, that is why I shared the pattern in the first place, would love to see how you put in that zipper too.

                                                                          • At 2011.12.22 11:14, Teni said:

                                                                            Hai Jessyz..
                                                                            I’d like to share my finished laptop case last November that use zipper rather than button. But I’m affraid the picture wasn’t mention the zipper clearly. And I’m really sorry that my blog is in Bahasa Indonesia.

                                                                            • At 2011.12.22 14:41, jessyz said:

                                                                              It looks very nice, was it easy to insert the zipper?

                                                                              • At 2011.12.23 09:24, Teni said:

                                                                                Not really, I sew it to the linning fabric first, and then sew together with the case. So the zipper was between linning and the case.

                                                                                • At 2011.10.16 03:00, Franzi said:

                                                                                  Very nice pattern!
                                                                                  Do you remember what kinda yarn you used (material and thickness) and what hook?

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                                                                                    • At 2011.12.20 11:58, Nicole said:

                                                                                      I so adore this one :)!

                                                                                      I wanted to ask you: Do you get the wool / yarn here in Kuwait?

                                                                                      • At 2011.12.20 14:09, jessyz said:

                                                                                        There is a store called Barakat in salmiya. There are also a couple of other smaller stores right next to it. I also order online and stock up when I am in Egypt

                                                                                        • At 2011.12.20 17:16, Nicole said:

                                                                                          Will have to check it one of these days :)!

                                                                                          • At 2011.12.22 14:37, Nicole said:

                                                                                            I think, I found one of the smaller shops today.
                                                                                            Guy tried to sell me some stuff as Cashmere 😉
                                                                                            Since the price was right (for normal stuff – 1 KD for 100g), I bought 3 packs.
                                                                                            Think I bought similar buttons, lol 😀
                                                                                            Do you remember how many g you’ve used?

                                                                                            • At 2011.12.22 14:43, jessyz said:

                                                                                              they try to sell acrylic as wool, even though it clearly says 100% acrylic on the ball band. Yeah that is a good price. There is also two shops in the shops across Marina Mall if you go into the corridor and ask you will find them too. Oh and in Safat Blocks too if you are close to downtown too.

                                                                                              • At 2011.12.22 14:46, Nicole said:

                                                                                                I figured as much 😉 I wanted to have someone translate the band, but the sneaky little fellow gave me ones without writing on it 😉
                                                                                                Ah, ok, THAT’s where I’ve been – across Marina Mall :)
                                                                                                Need to find the Barakat one one of these days :)

                                                                                                So, you remember how much wool you used?

                                                                                                • At 2011.12.22 14:57, jessyz said:

                                                                                                  I wish I remembered, but I am guessing maybe more than 50 gm but less than 100 gm from its size, but I could be wrong, this was quite a long time ago 😀

                                                                                                  • At 2011.12.22 14:59, Nicole said:

                                                                                                    No prob. Got 300g anyway and guess I can always go back and get more.
                                                                                                    Now I just have to figure that stitch out 😀
                                                                                                    Thanks again!

                                                                                                    • At 2011.12.30 17:52, Nicole said:
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