Friday's Five: Everyday ...

I am a pirate photo

I am going to conquer the world

In an effort to make life more interesting I am going to try and do one or all of these things everyday.

  1. Take more pictures to improve my photography.
  2. Think of a new positive affirmation for the day.  I like my affirmations funny and fresh.
  3. Spritz on some “fancy” perfume that I don’t use unless I am going out somewhere fancy.  Since going out to someplace fancy is a rarity I have decided to consider staying at home a “fancy” thing.
  4. Say a little prayer for the loved ones who have left us.  Parents or loved ones who have passed away need every prayer.  It is also a reminder of our own mortality.
  5. Learn something new.  It does not matter if it is just a new piece of information, a word or how to make cookies, anything new learned is good stimulation for the brain.

What are five things you want to or already do every day?


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    • At 2010.05.21 10:32, Shimaa Gamal said:

      I can’t think of 5 things.
      But I want to write everyday. Which I try but I keep getting distracted.
      I want to exercise everyday, which sometimes I do and sometimes I forget.

      • At 2010.05.21 23:19, Sinar said:

        mm, let’s see if I can tell 5 :)
        1- Excersise every day .. and by that I mean, stick to it everyday
        2- Learn something new
        3- Make someone smile ..
        4- contact a friend/relative just by saying “Hi, how are you”
        5- Finish the specified part of my daily reading 😀

        here’re five :)