Just an idea

I had this idea that tortured me for days till it finally saw the light of day.  Ideas float in my head begging and pleading to be implemented into something more tangible than just an idea in my head.

The idea behind this is so simple.  A starting chain, then rounds until it is as tall as you would like plus a little extra.  Then you fold the button and sew on some buttons and add handles.

How easy is that?


Chain 51.

SC (Single Crochet) in the back ridges of the chain (50SC), slip stitch into first SC and turn.

SC in the front loops of the chain (50 SC)

The rounds start now.

Chain 3 and DC all around. (100DC)

You can make it a solid color or striped.  I was just using up leftover cotton yarn.

Keep going until the bag is high enough, add a couple of more rows because when you create the base it gets slightly shorter.  Add one last row of SC for a cleaner finish.  Finish off and weave in ends.

Lay the bag on a flat surface align the side seam with the starting chain so a triangle is formed.  Sew on a button to keep it in place.  This creates a base for the bag instead of just being a flat rectangular bag.  I saw the same method being used on canvas totes, that’s where I originally got the idea.

Do the same for the other side.


You can either add crochet handles ( like the one’s in Lucy’s Bag or Alice’s Starling)

I found the middle 24 stitches on each side and marked with stitch markers on either side.

Attached a new color and did 24 SCs then 4 rows of SCs.

I set the handles in their place by surface crocheting the bag and the little rectangle I just made for the handle.

Repeat for the other handle.

This really only took a couple of afternoons and I wasn’t really focused and using a 3.5 mm hook.  If you focus and use worsted weight it could easily only take a couple of hours.

If you want to add a rigid base check out this tutorial

Friday’s Five: Random things I love

  • Flooring the gas pedal
  • Getting surprise gifts
  • Finding money i had forgotten about in my pockets when i am broke
  • Finding peace in the simplest places
  • Going home on a really hot day to find that the apartment is really nice and cool

Today’s Advice

“Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice” Anonymous

One of the nicest things in the world

is to get an unexpected gift for no reason.  My sister got me this lovely lovely tote.

Friday's Five: Things I wanted to learn when I was 10 (and would still love to)

  1. Juggling
  2. Solving the rubik’s cube
  3. Yoyo like a pro
  4. Draw cartoons
  5. Mountain climbing

I was a weird 10 year old

What did you want to learn as a child?

Finger Puppets and Play

I adore finger puppets. I think they are the best thing since the microwave or maybe even before the microwave. Lulu and I made these yesterday. You can print them out from the Family Fun website. I cut them out and she held the cello-tape while we stuck them together. Then she ate the frog and the dear.
She has lots of other finger puppets, 10 sea creatures, 10 animals and 4 other animals my sister got her from South Africa. They’re all made out of fabric and felt. These paper ones are so easy and fast to make. All you need is a printer and some sticky tape or glue.

I am guessing a slightly older child would probably have more fun with them. I use them for story telling but she usually just takes them off my fingers and plays with them. She loves it when we make animal noises and theatrical sounds for the stories. Sometimes I think I enjoy playing with her more than she does.

Children actually enjoy playing with a parent more than watching TV according to Play Report an initiative backed by IKEA.  Check it out, it is a really interesting study.  It might even change the way you play with your kids.

Finding a happily ever after

I am in that phase at the moment. I feel like a phoenix in the ash state, deciding on how I want to look like and putting all the pieces together.
I watched this talk last week and a friend posted it on facebook again today so I remembered that I’ve been wanting to post about it.

If you read the comments on youTube you will notice that some people found her reading from the notes irritating and that it was better suited for Sakyet el Sawy.

I disagree. TED is about ideas worth sharing and spreading.

And Sahar has an idea worth spreading and sharing especially for women.

It is time to stop waiting or expecting a happily ever after. It is time to get up and get out and live life. Find a passion, find a goal, find yourself.

Egyptian Flag Ball Giveaway

Inspired by Sina’s pride in Egypt and a general feeling that one should be more positive and proactive I have decided to have this giveaway.

I first made these a while back.  They are available for purchase here.

Back to the giveaway  for a chance to win one all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me why you are proud of Egypt.

For an extra (optional) chance you can become a fan of Chocolate Mints in a Jar on facebook.

The giveaway ends Friday June the 18th at midnight Egyptian Time.

I love ...

Heart Shaped Potato

Heart Shaped Potato

I was tagged by AlmondJoyce of This Limerick called Life.

I love her poetry/limericks.

The idea is to list down ten things you love and then tag another 10 people.

I was making potatoes and found this today.  A heart shaped potato.  What a coincidence!

I love …

  1. the smell of pizza  baking in the oven.  I love watching the cheese melt and I love singing “yalla ya pizza, yalla ya pizza” with my two year old so it gets done faster.  She thinks it is hilarious and so do I.
  2. voice over IP, because it means I can talk to my mom and sister without having to pay an arm and a leg.
  3. the smell of clean laundry.
  4. unexpected phone calls from friends.
  5. playing the “I love game” with my sister.  It is a thing we do when we are down and just list random things we love.
  6. reading the most amazing books.  Right now it is “Feel the fear and do it anyway”.  It is taking me much longer than it usually does to read such a short book but I am taking my time and loving it.
  7. shower gel.  A good scented shower gel really can change the world.  If everyone started their day with a happy shower, there would be no war, no domestic violence and no pollution (ok I am exaggerating but it is my blog).
  8. jolicloud.  I installed it a couple of weeks ago and it really has made me so very happy.  A new OS is like getting a new laptop.
  9. soft, squishy, cotton yarns in wonderful colors.  I think I am a yarnoholic.  I buy it even if I don’t need it or even have the slightest idea what I can use it for.
  10. making stuff.  Watching something go from a bunch of nothings into something nice is just amazing.

I tag:











The Royal Tiara Tag

1. Name who asked you to play this


2. Mention six secrets nobody can uncover about you when meeting you for the first time.

  1. I count stuff in my head all the time.  I count how many times I had to slice an onion, how many buttons on my daughters shirt while I am getting her dressed, how many stitches in this row, the crayons while I put them away,  … you get the picture, I can’t help it.
  2. If I hate someone or something, there is no going back.  I have never managed to unhate anyone or anything yet.
  3. I listen to things people say and notice the little details.  I love getting to know people through the unsaid.
  4. I have always worn my wrist watch on my right wrist even though I am not left handed.  I think I have always secretly wished I were a lefty.
  5. I love colors.  Even though I might not wear lots of different colors and prefer monochromatic schemes in furniture.  I secretly wish I lived in Rainbow Land.
  6. I hate it when people talk down to me, or assume I am not smart.  I am much smarter than I appear and I don’t mean it in a snobby kind of way.  Some people assume that because I am a housewife, I am also dumb or something.  They usually end up in my ‘hate’ category.

3. Pass this on to 6 bloggers, mentioning their names along with their links.

  1. Mona
  2. Shimaa
  3. PearlinJ
  4. Yassmina
  5. Nousha
  6. Brownie