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الله يرحمك يا بابايا

Today marks 11 years since he passed away.

He was a very very remarkable man.  I wish I had more time with him.  A few years back I felt that I missed him now I feel I am missing out on learning from him and being with him.

  1. Think for yourself, do it yourself and then to hell with everyone else.
  2. The strongest are not those who are louder but those who have more patience to get through adversity.
  3. Forgive and forget.  He was one of the most forgiving people I ever new.
  4. If you are going to give to charity, make sure no one finds out about it.
  5. You might think you are a great driver, but just remember that everyone else on the road might be an idiot so drive carefully and drive safely.

Number five was the only one he actually said out loud the others were things I learned from observation


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    • At 2010.07.09 08:56, sameha said:

      I haven’t dealt with uncle mahmood that much as I was still small but all that I remember abut him , is that he used to take us out in Kuwait and Alex and he was fun to be around with .
      May Allah rest your soul.
      Yasmine, have you ever thought of making a sadqa garia there in Kuwait for him, maybe a mosque still not yet built or a school teaching qor2an,I guess he needs this right now

      • At 2010.07.09 15:12, ibhog said:

        may he rest in peace, and so may all our beloved. amen.

        • At 2010.07.09 16:45, AbdO said:

          We never carried out a long conversation, but, from the few words that we exchanged in the few times that we talked, or actually he talked to me because I always felt shy to start the conversation, I admired him I looked up to him and I wished that I can learn from him more!
          Allah yer7amo