Email Conversations

My sister and I had this email exchange yesterday

Reema: Away keda ya wadee3

Jessyz: hehehehehehh begad daye3een molody dool

R: Safala wen7edar bsara7a our country is going down the toilet

J: Mesh ba7es keda ba7es en u have two extremes emerging.  Both extremes are louder than the huge quiet majority.

R: Yeah some ppl r giving in and some r trying to save themselves ur either in or out.  Sa7 ana ba7es kaman no body is living quietly anymore.  Everyone is trying to make everything into a statement and they r screaming it at the top of their lungs

J: I am stealing this conversation for my blog

And there was another one earlier that day:

J: Every time [much younger relatives name] posts something I realize how we thought the world revolved around only us and our interests when we were younger

R: Haahah yeah that’s so true ana ba7es keda bardo and how cool we thought we were.  Then I realized something no matter how famous and important you are you are still to some people completely insignificant and no matter how insignificant and unknown you are you are still the world to some people.  😉 When u believe that u relax because everything doesn’t matter but still everything matters fahma??

*Disclaimer: this is the exact conversation raw and edited only for spelling mistakes*