Food Inc. : Not for the squeamish

I watched the documentary Food Inc and was this close to turning into a vegetarian.   I am not a “meat” person, I am not in love with burgers although I will get a burger craving every once in a while but this documentary made me decide never to eat a fast food burger or any kind of meat of unknown origin again.

I never really thought about where the meat came from, because ground beef comes from cows right.  In my imagination it came from one happy cow that munched on green grass somewhere with blue skies and maybe a fresh water stream in the background.

Wrong!  It come from cows in these extremely highly packed feeding areas and one burger can come from literally thousands of cows.  There was a part about a mom turned food activist because her 5 year old son ate a burger and contracted E.Coli then passed away 12 days later.  That wasn’t what scared me the most.  It was the bit where she described how his kidneys had failed and he would beg for water.  I am not a particularly healthy eater  ( I’d be very happy to live on pizza, brownies and diet pepsi if I could get away with it)  but this isn’t about healthy eating or not.  This is about the fact that even the food that you might assume to be healthy or hygenic could be the exact opposite.

How about fruits and vegetables.  Do you have any idea what has been done to them to make them season less?  No wonder everything tastes like cucumbers and cucumbers taste like cardboard.  A couple of weeks ago my husband bought some kiwis.  I love kiwis,  but they tasted like pipes.  They were so metallic in their taste that we forced ourselves to eat them.

Any way, this started the search for the best homemade burger recipe.  We made burgers twice (from beef, ground before my eyes from a trusted butcher), they were good but not perfect yet.  It took us over six months (26 thursdays) to get our pizza the way we wanted,  so we are not in a hurry.

I just realized that it takes the same amount of time to make burgers that it takes to order them, although if you order them you get to sit on your butt for 30 minutes and don’t have to wash any dishes.

Or the chicken, eeeewwwwwww.  I am not eating chicken unless it is free range.  Gross how they have re engineered chicken.

One of the other interesting facts was how the food industry has always fought labeling.

This is a movie that you really should see.  Just make sure you are not eating dinner (or have plans to).


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    • At 2010.08.08 00:42, ze2red said:

      i downloaded the movie, but didn’t watch it yet.

      planning too, w yakhofy men el decisions that i’m gonna make afterwards, specially that i hate cooking and no nothing about it :(

      • At 2010.08.08 10:17, Sinar said:

        I’ll watch it for sure, thanks a million for it
        I’ve started 2-3 weeks ago to turn into a healthy eater person, cook … it’s not that easy, especially if you are addicted to the fast food (even if i’m convincing myself that it’s only grilled not fried, so it’s healthy !!)
        any way… I think this will help me more to stop the bad habits of eating, at least, homemade meals will be 1000 times healthier than any other ones.
        so plz, when ever you find the best recipe for burger, share it 😀

        • At 2010.08.13 06:31, Sandra Perez said:

          I spent 3 weeks in intensive care from ecoli; wasn’t fast food but a resturant meal. I was lucky as they told my husband to say his good byes, I was going to die shortly.

          Then a onocologist walked in and asked if he could try an experiment on me. After 8 rounds of dialysis; plasma infusions, blood transfusions and massive doses of antibiotics; I made it. No meat for me.

          Even if you survive, it leaves you with problems, mine was heart damage.

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