Once upon a time…

… there was a baby elephant and to stop it from running away its owner tied its leg with a rope to a tree.
Since the elephant was a baby he tried to pull free but couldn’t because the rope was too strong.
The elephant got older and bigger and the rope got thinner and more frayed. Yet, the elephant never ran away.
The elephant could have easily broken free with a tug but he never tried because he believed he was still a baby and couldn’t break free.

We toota toota ferghet el 7adoota.

{My sister told me this story yesterday}


  • At 2010.08.09 09:32, Neisy M said:

    Saba7 el 5eir..

    E7na ben2ol 5elset el 7adota, wala fer3’et el 7adota?

    • At 2010.08.09 09:33, jessyz said:

      Saba7ek Eshta.
      Heheheh e7na ben2ool fer3’et el 7adoota, bas ento momken te2oolo elento 3ayzeeno tab3an. Ana ma7ebesh agber 7ad 3ala 7aga.

      • At 2010.08.09 09:36, Neisy M said:

        5leset a7la..
        wait actually fer3’et a7la, it will keep the kids wondering ya3ni eh xD

        • At 2010.08.09 09:38, jessyz said:

          Momken ne5aliha ferkesh el 7adoota

          • At 2010.08.09 09:40, Neisy M said:


            PS:I read your post back in 2007!
            I guess this means I’m stalking you..
            Allahoma bala3’t, Allahoma fash-had

            • At 2010.08.09 09:47, jessyz said:

              Hahaha you mean I posted this story before?
              You can stalk all you like, you’ll get bored after a while, hell I bore myself sometimes.

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                • At 2010.08.09 10:57, Shimaa Gamal said:

                  I know that elephant, and I have met those parents

                  • At 2010.08.09 11:10, jessyz said:

                    It is sad. But I was thinking more along the lines of anything that we thought we couldn’t do so we stop trying

                    • At 2010.08.09 11:15, Shimaa Gamal said:

                      mesh 3arfa lieh the 1st thing that occurred to me was parents :) but yes it goes with everything holding us back from trying

                      • At 2010.08.09 11:16, jessyz said:

                        Heheh shakli keda geit bardo 3and selk 3eryan

                        • At 2010.08.09 11:24, inas said:

                          i think the elephant is responsible for his misery u can be a victim only if u decide not to stand for urself

                          • At 2010.08.09 11:26, jessyz said:

                            That was the whole point. The elephant decided to stop trying because of self imposed ideas