Friday’s Five: My wishlist

There are people out there with huge wishlists on Amazon (yes, you know who you are) and even though I don’t have a wishlist on Amazon I thought I might share.  I am actually jealous of people who can make wishlists, I always want something really particular that it takes forever to find it and by the time I do find it, I have either lost interest or bought something that does the job.

  1. A wallet.  Yes I already own one, a few actually, but I’ve been looking for the perfect one for years.  Big enough to hold everything, not bulky and very funky and colorful.
  2. The perfect pair of jeans.  I actually don’t really believe they exist, but there is that tiny bit of hope.  Jeans that don’t sag, make you look thin and are made of a comfortable easy to wear and care for fabric.
  3. A craft room.  I would love to have my own private sanctuary for doing the things I do, I even don’t mind sharing it with the little person as a craft/play room, see how nice I am?  I can imagine it so clearly.  I can daydream about this for hours.  Lots of shelves full of books and colorful supplies.  A desk and a sewing machine and a small sofa and an ottoman.  Lots of sunshine, bright curtains,  a slightly cold breeze blowing through the windows.  I think I got a little carried away there.
  4. A huge lending library near by.  I also dream about living near a public library.  The thought of having access to so many different books just makes me extremely happy, not to mention being able to spend time in a library.  I love libraries.
  5. An extra 2 hours every day.  Unrealistic? But it’s my wishlist and a girl can dream can’t she?

Right Now is Very Special – A pledge

wallpaper - alive

Image by nutmeg

I read this story and decided it was time to do something about life.

Right now is very special, not in a little while, not tomorrow, not next month.  RIGHT NOW

Everyday is special because I am alive so everyday I pledge to do at least one or maybe all of the following:

  • I will wear my special clothes
  • I will use the special china
  • I will read a couple of pages of a good book
  • I will learn something new even if it is a new word
  • I will call a friend
  • I will make amends
  • I will buy myself a gift even if it is something small or silly
  • I will buy my loved ones gifts
  • I will give money to charity without thinking about it
  • I will remind myself that I am amazing
  • I will remind my loved ones that they are amazing
  • I will not complain but I will be grateful for the blessings in my life
  • I will take the time to be good to myself
  • I will stop caring what the world thinks

Because after all I am alive and that is so special

Friday’s Five: Obsessions

It has been a long time, hasn’t it?

  • I am currently obsessed with finding the cutest bookmark.  I have already found the Chick Chic ones but I am pretty sure I can find more, a girl can never have enough bookmarks.
  • Hand cream.  I want a hand cream that makes your hands super soft, gets absorbed quickly, smells nice and isn’t greasy.  Am I dreaming?
  • Getting a Joojoo, but who am I kidding, I could never make the switch to 100% ebooks, I still love paper books and bookmarks.  Of course it is not just an ebook reader it is an iPad alternative with USB ports and without the Apple App store and its limitations.
  • Stationary.  With back to school season in its fullest, everywhere I go I can find cool stationary.
  • Understanding color.  I wouldn’t say I am color challenged but I am not as brave as I’d like to be.  ColorLovers has some awesome combinations that are so pretty and interesting to look at as well as lovely color related articles.

Peace out.


Ramadan passed so quickly like the rest of our lives.  It feels like it never happened.

I read a quote recently that hit the spot “The days are long but the years are short”

I made a tough decision in Ramadan that I am quite happy with.

Are you happy with your life?

Do you live a purposeful life?

The best skill anyone can learn in life is how to take the lemons that life throws at you and make lemonade.

I finally started reading a new book.

I have so much to say and I keep trying to say it but the words won’t make sentences, not even in my head.

So many ideas in my head that they sometimes give me a headache.

I am happiest when I am challenged.

I am a borderline hermit.

I enjoy people’s company but I would prefer to be alone than to mingle with boring people.

I hope I am not imagining things, but I can definitely almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

November is just around the corner and I will be a year older, I feel older and younger at the same time.

I am not difficult just different.

When a friend talks about a mutual friend behind her back I always feel that she talks about me behind my back too.

I would love to get an iPhone4.  Do they ever fall out of the sky by any chance?

I wear my fitflops more than anything else.

I have a very bossy 2 year old.