Friday’s Five: Obsessions

It has been a long time, hasn’t it?

  • I am currently obsessed with finding the cutest bookmark.  I have already found the Chick Chic ones but I am pretty sure I can find more, a girl can never have enough bookmarks.
  • Hand cream.  I want a hand cream that makes your hands super soft, gets absorbed quickly, smells nice and isn’t greasy.  Am I dreaming?
  • Getting a Joojoo, but who am I kidding, I could never make the switch to 100% ebooks, I still love paper books and bookmarks.  Of course it is not just an ebook reader it is an iPad alternative with USB ports and without the Apple App store and its limitations.
  • Stationary.  With back to school season in its fullest, everywhere I go I can find cool stationary.
  • Understanding color.  I wouldn’t say I am color challenged but I am not as brave as I’d like to be.  ColorLovers has some awesome combinations that are so pretty and interesting to look at as well as lovely color related articles.

Peace out.


  • At 2010.09.17 10:16, Shimaa Gamal said:

    It’s been a while Jess :) I missed the Friday’s 5

    When you find that hand cream pleas tell me. zaman avon I think used to had a beautiful hand cream that feels like water on the hands and was quickly absorbed.
    But that was like 12 yrs ago …

    I am an anti-aging hand cream now. It smells like oranges and it isn’t greasy but still it doesn’t have that magical effect of that very old cream.
    Age correct by Sally Hansen.
    And it really eases the wrinkles :)

    I am looking for a magical facial scrub. My face is being invaded by acne as if I just turned 15 not 31. It is really annoying. And none of the cleansers and scrubs I use seem to be working.

    • At 2010.09.23 11:27, jessyz said:

      I think I found something I like, Jergens hand, nail and cuticle cream it is lovely and smells nice too.

      Good luck with the acne problem, acne sucks.

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        • At 2010.09.23 11:20, gjoez said:

          Have you tried body shop product?
          Specially Japanese Cherry Tree :)
          Amazing bo7lezing!

          • At 2010.09.23 11:31, jessyz said:

            I love how it smells, but I am avoiding the Body Shop until I finish the stuff I already have from there :-) but I took Lulu once and we tried on all the perfume and testers and she loved it.