Friday’s Five: Childish Fun

One of the perks of having young ones at home is getting to watch kids shows all the time (to the point you actually want to smash the TV with a chair)

Some of my favorites are:

Timmy Time – Timmy Steals the Show
Uploaded by tokatchou. – See more comedy videos.


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    • At 2010.10.13 14:23, Mohamed Aboul Eneen said:

      I like it

      • At 2010.10.18 11:21, jessyz said:

        Hehehe you don’t really have a choice, Lulu is so much stronger than us.

        • At 2010.10.17 23:19, Merry said:

          I quite like ‘Shaun the Sheep’, even when my kids are not around. I think there’s something quite poignant in the animal characterisation of what is, essentially, human behaviour. I believe it’s called an allegory, as in “Animal Farm’ by George Orwell.

          In the meantime, keep those chairs away from your TV screen :)

          • At 2010.10.18 11:22, jessyz said:

            I guess you are right, I thought it was anthromorphing or something equally difficult to spell.
            I turn the TV off when she sits too close, but it is still an ongoing struggle.