Tuesday’s Ted Talk: The world needs different minds

It’s no secret, I think TED Talks are amazing. I would actually love to attend a TED meeting, but since I can’t I have the next best thing. I can listen and watch all of these amazing, inspiring and smart people whenever I want to. I ususally upload them onto my iPod and listen to the audio versions in the car while I am running errands. I am sometimes moved to tears from the touching stories or inspired by all the passion.
Starting this Tuesday I will be picking out my week’s favorite and let you know why I loved it. This helps my brain stay organized. I read and listen to lots of interesting stuff that I love to share all the time but I always forget about it whenever I want to blog, so this will make it easier for me to remember to let you know about the amazing stuff out there.

This week’s talk is by Temple Grandin titled The world needs all kinds of minds. Grandin is diagnosed with high functioning autism but is also a doctor of animal sciences. I already knew that autism was a spectrum and people were either completely non verbal or could lead normal lives and become very successful. I found the talk to be inspiring and very interesting. I am sure that living with any kind of disease is a very difficult thing, but her advocacy for dealing and directing children diagnosed with autism is incredibly uplifting. It isn’t about using high tech expensive things, it is about going back to the basics and helping these kids use their different but still nevertheless amazing minds to succeed in life.

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