Friday’s Five: Hours

I would absolutely love to get five extra hours a day or maybe even more. I am always super exhausted at the end of the day but I always feel that I could have done so much more.
If I had 5 extra hours I would:

  1. Read more.  I managed to almost finish a book that I am reading.  I read in the car while waiting, in waiting rooms and in the bathroom ( while Lulu was playing in her bubble bath so don’t get any ideas)
  2. Sleep more (I will probably end up using it for other stuff, but a girl can dream)
  3. Pamper myself.  I am practicing being good to myself, I would just like more time to do it.
  4. Make more stuff.
  5. Write a book.  No one can write a book in an hour but maybe lots of  little hours would be enough.

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