A message to Egyptians in Egypt from Egyptians in Egypt

Please help me get this to people in Egypt.

My sister and mother and the rest of my family are in Egypt.

They called asking to get the word out:

They are trying to call Al Me7war, OTV and Dream because these are channels that Egyptians might be watching right now

They want to tell everyone not to panic about food.  People should stick together and ration consumption.  They are asking people not to panic.

If you don’t panic, then you can think and act better.

And this is a message from me:

Everything has a price and right now this is the price of freedom and a better future.

As long as people do not panic and focus on the important thing, taking the regime down then you will prevail.

The regime is using intimidation tactics and making sure that this kind of standstill will cause panic and prices to rise.  Do not let them win.

Stand firm and you will win.

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