Friday’s Five: Why?

1. Why do people wear sunglasses inside?
2. Why do I always need to go back five or six times to check that doors are locked?
3.  Why do some people think it is not possible to be pragmatic and romantic at the same time (Shi this one is for you because you were wondring)?
4.  Why do some people insist on using lots of English words in their conversations when they can’t pronounce them and then get really defensive when you correct them?
5.  Why aren’t there good quality clothes for muhajabat that are both comfortable and modest and aren’t made out of polyester and look good too?


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    • At 2011.01.21 13:45, Shimaa Gamal said:

      1- I always thought that people who were sunglasses inside are probably too blind it won’t make a big difference for them to take them off 😀
      Some people think it is cool and some people are just too lazy to take them off. Some might be showing off, maybe covering a black eye they got in a fight earlier or simply getting an excuse to stare at people without getting caught :)

      2- you get back to check whether the doors were locked or not because you let yourself do it. I have obsession too so I simply set up a routine that I unconsciously do. And whenever I get the urge to get back to check whether I turned off the iron or the house will set on fire while I am out having coffee with friends. I just shake off the idea. Because if you let yourself once you won’t ever be able to stop.

      3- my question :) it occurred to me while i was doing the dishes that I am kind of pragmatic. I always say that I am a romantic fool but it struck me that I have been showing pragmatic behavior all my life. And some how by definition both are contradicting. But you said there is no problem :) which means I am completely normal. That I am pragmatic and romantic :)

      4- maybe they use the English words without knowing that they are pronouncing it wrong :) and they get upset because that’s what people do when corrected 😀

      5- nowadays there are better options for hijabis. way better than when I 1st wore the hijab in 2002. And sure way better than el salam shopping center in the the early 1990’s 😀
      Cotton cardigans do wonder 😀 they turn almost anything to hijab friendly 😉