Friday’s Five: Five ways the Egyptians have amazed me since Jan25

  1. They revolted.  I thought that since it had never happened before it would never happen and that we were genetically mutated and a non revolting nation.
  2. The amount of creativity was absolutely AMAZING.  Music, artwork, stand up comedy and everything else.  If the same rate of creativity continues I am sure Egypt can be totally transformed.
  3. Seeing normal people clean the streets.  I hate litter. I HATE LITTER.  Is it clear?  I always keep a plastic bag to keep wrappers and empty cans so I can throw it away when I find a trash can.  It is that simple.
  4. The amount of conspiracy theories that have come out.  What is even more amazing, is the number of people who are willing to believe them too.  Most of those theories belong in science fiction books.
  5. The stand taken by Egyptian expatriates all over the world.  A new sense of pride, solidarity, belonging and ownership emerged.

Happy Friday everyone.