Friday’s Five: Giving back

I posted a Friday’s Five yesterday because I spaced out and in my defense it felt like a Friday :-)

It is time we start giving back to the community.  Most people naturally give money to charity as Sadaqa or Zakat but sometimes giving things other than money might be more useful.

  1. Start a company outreach program.  If you are a business owner, consider training more interns or organizing free classes in your field to help the unemployed gain vocational knowledge that might help them find a job.
  2. Buy products made locally.  I’ve probably said this before and I will keep saying it.  Buying local products helps the economy, helps create jobs, increases cash flow in the country and also has another super important benefit.  It reduces carbon footprint, because the products you buy don’t need to travel half way around the world.   If you can recommend a good Egyptian product please link it up in the group.
  3. Related to the previous point, if you use local product and you think it could be improved contact the producer.  This helps producers improve their products.  Just remember to be polite, objective and to the point.
  4. Donate old books.  School books can go to organizations like Resala so they can help the less fortunate study.
  5. Volunteer. Volunteer, VOLUNTEER.  Volunteering your time is an amazing experience.  It is very fulfilling because you can actually see how you are helping people right away.  It also helps increase your awareness and compassion towards whatever area you are working in.  It is always easy to give money, you hand over your cash and walk away and forget all about it.  But when you spend time working on issues you believe in, your attitude is altered substantially.  I am pretty certain that people who have taken part in local street cleanups will find it very difficult in the future to litter.

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