For Women: How to be a lousy parent

Today’s post is written by the lovely Deppys. I originally found Deppys’ blog when I clicked through from a comment of hers. I read her bucket list and thought it was very funny and could only come from a very interesting young lady.  The first thing that strikes you is that she is full of energy and passion and that she is a Virgo.

How to be a lousy parent

  1. When picking a partner, just go for the one you can’t live without — even if they weren’t right. Never put your future kids into consideration.
  2. Blame your kids for your mistakes. Oh wait, never care to recognize your mistakes in the first place.
  3. Don’t respect/give kids any space or privacy.
  4. Never appreciate any ‘help’ they offer. As a ‘thank you’ point out/criticize their tiniest mistakes.
  5. As young treat them as adults, and as adults treat them like kids.
  6. Whenever you’re criticized, take it personally and snap! Never apologize and make sure you always turn the table.
  7. Make sure boys feel comfortable and cherished, girls know how to make it easier for boys. Pamper those and neglect those. Classic favoritism!
  8. You’re always right; you’re old, and more experienced. You’re a parent for the love of god, you OWN your kids, and you are privileged to do whatever you want with them.
  9. Never care about how they feel, as long as you think you did the right thing. Nothing else matters. Remember, you’re the parent!
  10. Repeat the old-school Egyptian TV lame lines, over and over.
  11. Misunderstand, miscommunicate, misinterpret and misrepresent their thoughts, words and deeds.
  12. Take every ‘NO’ as a disobedience, and never respect their wishes or opinions.
  13. Be an overprotective control freak. That’s how you shield them, indeed.
  14. Be hostile and blame them for not spending quality time with you.
  15. Hate their friends and always refer to how bad influence they leave on your kids.
  16. Curb their feelings, actions and thoughts. Like in obligating them — not only — to do favors for your people/friends on your behalf. But also make sure they’d like doing them, that they won’t even dare to pout about it.
  17. Give birth to whatever number of babies as long as you can provide food and money. And if you can’t provide, blame their spending habits, or their irresponsible behavior. But never look out for your family.
  18. Never remember their favorite meal, their birthday, or their favorite color. And go brag about how much you know your kids.
  19. Never care to find out their good qualities. Also diminish/never encourage/ neglect their hobbies/interests, not that they’re as important as “Education”.
  20. How to teach your kids? Easy, let them do something new, and the moment they make any mistake, yell hard and punish them.
  21. Always assure the fact that you’re tired and sick, and whine at how your kids are such a heavy burden.
  22. Throw your anger on them.
  23. Make decisions for them/force your choices. And never let them face the real world.
  24. When facing a problem, bail on your kids.
  25. Read this and go like “I do all that, but I love my kids”. All in all, I know you do! Keep reading…

If you scored 50% or more, congratulations! You did a great job damaging your kid. Probably failing one of lives’ major tests as a kid, as a teenager, or as an adult!


We need to stop defining parenting as ONLY loving your kids, as making things easier for them by draining our own selves. Parenting – as a practical definition – is rather the catalytic process of giving the world a well disciplined human being. To use this love as a two-edged weapon to up-bring a person to be avail to the world and to proceed the cycle by passing on what you provided, to generations to come. And the cycle goes on! Parenting is hard, I get that but it’s also misinterpreted. Learning about parenting as a whole package, is an abandoned route. That we forgot, in our drifting in the fast materialistic world.

PS. all the above points are mere experience, From children’s point of view but not as parents. And aside from being damaged, they don’t want kids, to avoid being lousy parents themselves.



  • At 2011.03.03 13:52, Mona said:

    Good read! I know some people who follow a few of those!

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      • At 2011.03.03 16:58, ze2red said:


        I’m keeping this for the future.

        • At 2011.03.05 00:57, deppy said:

          Glad you liked it =)

          • At 2011.03.05 01:22, Hebba said:

            Deppy, that’s a nice list, collecting most of the mistakes parents would do and really ruin their children’s lives and their trust in parenthood as well.
            only one aspect i’d like to add here-from part of my experience.
            some parents don’t know how to be parents. they didnt get the proper training for this job, neither practiced any on-the-job way to maintain it. they simply got to be parents after having a baby.
            the generation of our parents had it this way, which i can understand becasue at their time there was no such info available.nor the culture would have allowed more info other than how to feed the child and to get him to sleep.
            but what makes me angry begad, is that some young parents still ignore that fact that a child IS human and has some demands other than being fed and brought to sleep.
            I hate this way of ignoring the child’s right in being treated as a “full” human being.

            • At 2011.03.05 03:59, deppy said:

              Exactly my point ya Hebba. Those young parents — if you asked me — are worse than our parents’ generation. Misunderstanding parenting might be their biggest fault but not the only one. I think our generation has many lucky aspects and if they can’t take advantage of them, it’s huge!

              And btw — and am not generalizing, also I might be wrong here — I think most of the obvious social flaws of our era (like sexual harassment, divorce and other mental disorders) are coming from there, one way or another.

              I deeply believe it’s our duty to change the way they see things!

              • At 2011.05.15 12:09, Paul said:

                I thought that loving and making things easy for your child was the way to be a good parent.Now I think it’s time to re-assess my duties.Thanks for the insight.

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