For Women: Learn Your Body Shape

Another awesome post by Deppys, I can’t wait for part two of this.  Her first post on being a lousy parent was a huge hit, and I am betting this one and it’s sequel will be too.

Have you ever wonder why an outfit just looks great on someone, even though you might not particularly like the clothes? And why another outfit that you like very much can’t actually fits you? Have you ever go crazy hunting high and low to find something that fits and flatters your body. You try this and that, you waste your time and energy just to find the perfect fit, and sometimes your search goes in vain?

Bad news, most of us can’t really recognize the first basics, and instead they go with the trial and error method. We used to dress based on well known facts based on heights and weights, not paying much attention to the secret ingredient. It’s how you ‘body shapes’ looks like; and that is the good news.

Am gonna give you some tips and tricks that you can use in order to recognize your shape and then to learn how to maintain and revamp your style into a personal fab brand new one, right away!

So let’s get started already!

Look at your overall silhouette — the contours of your frame and how your upper and lower half are in-line with each other — to give you an idea on what you’ll have to focus on to look proportional and determine yours out of the main known shapes:

  1. Hourglass shape.
  2. Pear shape.
  3. Rectangle shape.
  4. Apple shape.
  5. Inverted Triangle shape.


The classic body shape, it’s considered to be the most ideal body shape because of its proportions. If you’re an hourglass, you have the potential to dress like a luscious Marilyn Monroe or Italian movie-star. In hourglass there is no “dragging point” in your frame that draws too much attention, well, except for your defined feminine waist! And yes, they all come in different sizes.

Call yourself an hourglass if:

  • Your shoulders and hips are symmetric.
  • You have a full, shapely bust.
  • You waist is distinctly defined.
  • You have a shapely Legs.
  • The waist is 20 cm to 30cm smaller than your hip or bust measurements.
  • Your gained weight would distribute evenly right to your curves.

Sisters’ celebrities: Megan Fox, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet and Jessica Biel



aka: triangle, spoon, Bell shape


The shape that you have is a natural womanly body shape. It’s hot and catchy, I bet you got all the stares and whistles; generally most men are attracted to the curves that you have. It’s just a part of our nature.

Call yourself a pear if..

  • You have a long or slender neck, and a sloped shoulders.
  • Your bust and shoulders are proportionally narrower than your hip-line.
  • You have a well-defined waist.
  • Maybe your butt is full and curvy.
  • Your thighs are likely full or muscular.
  • You most likely have a balanced body or short legged vertical body shape.
  • Your Bottom size is 2 or more sizes bigger than your top size.
  • Your gained weight tends to show up below the waistline around your thighs and hips as opposed to your stomach and mid-section.

Sisters’ celebrities: Oprah, Beyonce, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Coleen McLoughlin, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez



Currently this shape is the “ideal” shape for today’s top models; many women would kill for your athletic shape. There’s no main area you want to minimize so you can get away with more things than most. However you may crave more curves — an illusion easily created with the right clothing.

Call yourself a rectangle if:

  • Your neck is full.
  • You have a broad back.
  • Your bust is small to medium.
  • You have an undefined or little waist definition.
  • You may also have a flat bottom.
  • Slim long arms and slender lengthy legs.
  • Your waist measures from 2.5cm to 20cm smaller than the bust.
  • You may look shorter and heavier than you really are.
  • You most likely have a balanced body or long legged vertical body shape.
  • You wear the same size on your top and bottom halves.
  • If you were to gain/lose weight, it would distribute evenly throughout your frame.
  • If you are slim you resemble a ruler.
Sisters’ celebrities: Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Hilary Duff, Sheryl Crow and Rachel Hunter
Inverted triangle
aka: strawberry/ V shape
An athletic body shape; your frame is quite common among catwalk models. And often your type of shape comes with nice, lean legs. This is the second best female shape.
Although the inverted triangle shape is the least common petite figure type, this shape is the envy of others because a full bust and wide shoulders bring emphasis to the top of the figure, rather than the hips and thighs. And yes, they all come in different sizes, as well.

Call yourself an inverted triangle if…

  • Your bust and shoulders are proportionally wider than your hips (so-called clothes hanger shoulders), projecting a sporty and athletic physique.
  • You have an undefined waists.
  • Your hips are narrow.
  • You might have slim legs related to this inverted shape.
  • You most likely are a long legged vertical body shape with proportionally slim legs.

Sisters’ celebrities: Renee Zellweger, Naomi Campbell, Teri Hatcher and Demi Moore

aka oval/diamond/round

You’re pretty in proportion but tend to have a softer fuller middle without a well-defined waist. You have the overall appearance of being round especially around the waist-line. You might appear top heavy. And your bust and mid-riff might appear bigger than your hips.

Call yourself an apple if:

  • You have fuller face and neck.
  • Your shoulders are broad.
  • You have a fuller Breasts.
  • Your waist is undefined.
  • Your hips are narrow.
  • You have a flat rear end.
  • Your legs are sharp.
  • Torso and upper body wider than your hips.
  • One or two sizes bigger top than bottom.
  • When Apples gain weight, they have a tendency to gain in the midsection.
  • Usually thinner apple shapes resemble rectangle and inverted triangle because of their wide upper body. But once they gain weight, the fat gets stored around your upper half, making your torso look top-heavy and curvy.

Sisters’ celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Chandra Wilson, Rosie O’Donnell, Jennifer Hudson and Elizabeth Hurley


So, what is your shape?

Stay tuned for the next post…How to flatter the hell out of your body!


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