Hidden Blessings

Another interesting post by RJay about hidden blessings

After a month of the Great Egyptian Revolution we are still picking up the pieces of our lives and cleaning up after decades of corruption and every day we hear about more and more secrets coming out

Even though we are all happy to be part of history in the making and being witnesses to a new dawn of Egypt. It’s been hard on all of us with the absence of police , the rumors and the so called anti revolution we are all stressed and scared but hopeful

A lot of good has come out in this country politically speaking and socially speaking that we all know and are proud of

To lighten up the moods I thought I would list the things I personally think were a positive outcome of the revolution due to the curfew

1-We’re saving a lot of money since no one is going out

2-Spending a lot of quality time with your family since you’re stuck at home

3-My skin and hair has never looked so good since all I do at home is try out all the homemade masks I can think of

4-Broke my record of reading 2 300 page books in one night and working my way thru another two

5-I use the phone home instead of my cell phone and have socialized with a lot of people I hadn’t talked to in a while

6-Facebook has actually become a legit source of comprehensive world news not just a place to check out new sources of gossip

7-My culinary skills have improved greatly I can actually make perfect fatta now

8-I’m starting to re-prioritize a lot of things in my life

9- I don’t want to immigrate any more

10-Finishing up all my pending hand craft projects like my paint by numbers and some random sewing

Last but not least Ive learnt to count my blessings especially the security we all felt that didn’t make us think twice about going out at night or going out at all

To a new Egypt …any price is worth it


  • At 2011.03.12 00:33, ze2red said:

    Akhdty el post men 3ala tarf demaghy 😀

    One of the blessing that i called family members on a daily basis to check on them. Since there was no work, and no other activities to do.

    I think i should set up a schedule for checking on them as we are back to our busy life.

    I’m enjoying the money saving very much as well 😉

    • At 2011.03.12 07:39, Mona said:

      This is good. Look at the positive. I’m trying to look at the good aspects as well.

      • At 2011.03.21 14:10, inaselshazly said:

        goodluck with number 8