Whip it {Movie Review}

Last night I watched the movie whip it!

Not exactly the type of movie that  you  would add to your “inspiring movies of all time”  list but nevertheless I haven’t been this inspired by a movie since I last saw hitch

I’m not saying I haven’t watched my fair share of profoundly deep movies like temple grandin , steel magnolias and erin brokovitch

But for some reason this atypical teen movie touched me for more reasons than one

The star of the movie Ellen page (star of the movie Juno) is one of my favorite starlets of the moment  , even though she lacks the conventional teen cuteness of her counterparts selena Gomez and emma Watson this girl is in a league of her own reminding me of a younger prettier Jeanine garafallo with her in your face take me as I am attitude

Completely side stepping the importance of her looks Page shows you what shes made of and it goes beyond any type of beauty any girl her age possesses

The movie is about Bliss a 17 year old girl forced by her mother to endure a series of debutant type beauty pageant in the small Texan town of Bodeen feeling like a total misfit amongst her peers especially during pageants bliss discovers a roller derby league in the nearby town of Austin

The details of the storyline are quite irrelevant to me it was the self discovery journey that inspired me the most and a few scenes that really stood out and spoke to me there were three of them:

The first one was the scene where she first encounters the roller derby girls in a shop three girls on rollerskates float in like butterflies to give out fliers advertising the upcoming season , the lovely contrast of their gothic makeup and their loud tattoos with their fluid movement and big hearty smiles gave ME goosebumps and im not in the movie, the look on her face said it all …..this is who I am I can be me with them I can be like them a poetic walking contradiction of everything beautiful brash and ugly rolled into one big ME

The second scene was when her touring musician bf comes to meet her at the tournament after seeing his pictures on his website with another girl wearing the STRYKER tshirt she gave him before he left on tour…..she tells him she had seen the pictures he then tries to explain that the girl had climbed in to their van and threw herself at him ….she stops him and says “I don’t want to be that girl…the girll who stands here listening to you tell me what you DIDN’T do with some idiot” she then gives him a kiss and a slap on the face

Hats off hats off this is how  I think every girl should react to a cheating boyfriend get it all out let him know you realize hes lying check….kiss him good bye check…..revenge SLAP PERFECTION

Last but not least …..so I don’t spoil the movie completely for you her roller derby evil nemesis Juliette Lewis compliments her on a jump she had successfully executed so Bliss answers “maybe ill teach you someday” and they both smile and that’s when it stopped being a competition where they beat each other senseless on the track but  a sisterly camaraderie to teach  each other how to jump over the obstacles in life no matter who won on the track

This movie was funny and deep with out being too serious its about the coming of age of teenagers and wanting to find a place in the world  its not about winning the first place its about feeling that your number one it doesn’t have to be a fancy ivy league university or winning a beauty pageant or sealing a deal it’s about feeling that u matter and that your special even if the rest of the world think your as plain as paper 😀

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  • At 2011.04.01 16:08, Mona said:

    I really liked Whip It as well. Love Drew Barrymore, Kristen Wig and Juliet Lewis so it was a must see. Ellen Page is growing on me since Inception. I thought it was a great story too and loved the female camaraderie.