30 Days of Ramadan Challenge {Day 3: Feel Sad}

Kind of weird after smiling right?
Not really, or at least, I don’t think it is weird.

I came across this by chance today on Shrouk‘s blog:

“إن الإستسلام للحزن احيانًا أشجع من مقاومته، بعض الأحزان لم تأتِ لتقاتلنا ، بل لتعتصم حول جراحنا أمام الأقدار .”
— محمد حسن علوان

Which translates into :
“Surrendering to sadness is sometimes braver than fighting it, some sorrows did not come to fight us but to surround (in protest?) our wounds in the face of out fate” by Mohamed Hassan Olwan

It is beautiful isn’t it?
We fight the sadness, we oppose the unhappiness, we resist anything that we think might make us feel sorrowful or upset. It is exactly what I was looking for because I was thinking ( I do a lot of thinking on my own ) about how sometimes our sad mood seem like they do not want to leave us. We fight them, we go out, meet with friends, eat French Fries, buy expensive shoes, and the list goes on but nothing seems to help. We fight the unhappiness instead of embracing it and accepting that it is here as part of the journey. Really, there is nothing wrong with being sad, unhappy or just plain down in the dumps. It is a phase and it will pass. If it doesn’t go see a therapist you might be depressed. In the depths of our souls we need sadness, because without sadness we would not be able to understand happiness. Ramadan is also a good time to sit down and accept the sadness and be grateful for it, as well as being grateful for the good things. That is the basic difference between 7amd and Shukr [الحمد و الشكر] you can only be thankful for good things, but 7amd is for both good and bad.
Hindsight is always 20/20 and if you sit down and look back you will easily find that many things that you considered catastrophes in your life were just speed bumps or road blocks that either slowed you down or made you reroute so you were kept you on the right track.

Give yourself permission to feel sad, accept that being sad is not always a bad thing. Concentrate on things that make you sad, and for each thing I am sure you can find 10 things that make you happy.

What happened with yesterday’s challenge?
It went ok, although I was grumpy for an hour before noon, then thankfully it all went away and now I am back to being cheerful bubbly smiling self.

On a side note, here’s a wonderfully scientific article (with references and sources, because I hate scientific articles without them) about the health benefits of fasting. It mentions health benefits that are rarely mentioned or attributed to fasting so be sure to read it.

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