30 Days of Ramadan Challenge {Days 4 and 5: Giving}

I spaced out yesterday but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about my own challenge.
So I am grouping two together and it is a about giving. We all know how important Sadaqa and Zakat are. But I am not talking about that kind of giving. I am talking about giving time and giving off a happy vibe. It is so easy and doesn’t cost you a thing. Sometimes giving advice is important but somethings just giving a shoulder to cry on is even more important. Think of all the things the people around you give you all the time. Think of how much time your mother has spent raising you and making you who you are today. Give your child an hour of uninterrupted play time. Get down on the floor and make a mess and don’t care about it. Give yourself permission to take a couple of hours off today to reflect and think about all of Allah’s blessings. Give yourself permission to take a longer bath or shower so that when you get out of it you are happier and more relaxed and ready to give happiness to everyone else around you. Stop thinking of what you get from people and comparing it to what you give to them, instead be grateful that you can give a lot, and I am sure if you look closer you will realize you actually get more than you think or assume.


  • At 2011.08.04 23:17, kinzi said:

    This is sweet, sweet stuff.

    • At 2011.08.05 23:02, jessyz said:

      Thanks Kinzi

      • At 2011.08.05 21:24, Fruitful Fusion said:

        So so true. I’ve found that when a relationship is a bit rough, giving helps a lot. I don’t mean that the other person likes you more or something. I mean that you end up feeling better about giving to that person and more often than not it helps a situation get better.

        • At 2011.08.05 23:02, jessyz said:

          Yes it is true, especially if you are giving without keeping score