30 Days of Ramadan Challenge {Day 18: Gifts}

عن أبي هريرة عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال : ( تهادوا تحابوا ) . رواه البخاري في الأدب المفرد ، وأبو يعلى بإسناد حسن .

Translation: “Give gifts and you shall love one another” Bukhari

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? It doesn’t have to be something expensive or elaborate, something simple and inexpensive but unexpected could really brighten someone’s day.

I like to ask my daughter to paint and draw pictures to give to her father as a gift. She stands at the door until he comes home and squeals with delight to tell him Daddy Daddy I have a gift for you. My sister (mashalla) is a wonderful gift giver. She buys little gifts for everyone whenever she sees something someone she knows might like. My mother too is wonderful at gift giving, although she usually gifts me the really expensive stuff I lust after for months on end. She also spoils my daughter with gifts, I know that she spends time, energy and money looking for the perfect things for Lulu. She buys books and little toys, that my daughter always proudly claims that they were a gift from tattou (she calls my mom that). My husband too, sometimes gets me the weirdest gifts when I don’t expect it, like the hand held vacuum cleaner, he came home one day with it but it is probably one of the most useful things ever. Or, the kitchen scale, I had been wanting one forever and one day he just got it for me.

A gift doesn’t have to have a reason, except to say I love you, I appreciate you and I want to say thank you.


  • At 2011.08.18 03:00, ze2red said:

    did u ever try to give gifts to urself??
    It is refreshing

    • At 2011.12.22 14:48, Nicole said:

      You are blessed to have such loving people around you!
      It’s the same with me and my family, just smaller (less people) :)