Historical Vintage and Classical Cars Museum [Things to do in Kuwait]

I have been meaning to write this post for quite a while now and decided to just bite the bullet and get on with it.  I have been away,  I am sorry, yada yada yada. If you have been following for a while (a very very long while) you will know that I sometimes just need time off.  I also blog on my craft blog more regularly because it is more about the crafting and not the living (get the hint?)

A couple of weeks ago my husband took a few days off (that is a very very rare thing) and we pretended we were tourists and did a bit of going out.

We visited the Historical Vintage and Classical Cars Museum. I was in Shuweikh and found this museum by chance and made a mental note to go visit as soon as my husband had some time off.  I knew he would enjoy it.

It was a beautiful sunny day with a nice cool breeze.

When you walk in you are greeted by two rows of vintage cars.

Vintage Cars

Walk inside and you will be greeted by some lovely model cars like this one.
Vintage Models

I am not a car buff, but I do know that this is a Minerva and that it is ancient and that the leather detailing is amazing.
Vintage Minerva
Vintage Minerva

But by far my favorite car was the BMW Isetta
BMW Isetta
My daughter was absolutely fascinated by this car. She still talks about it and says she wants a car like the little yellow car with the door in the front that she saw before.

My husband truly had fun and so did my almost 4 year old little girl (who said that only boys like cars). It is definitely worth a visit.

Here is their contact info if you are interested in visiting.
Historical, Vintage & Classic Cars Museum Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Block 1, Street 49
Facebook Page
Tel: 24819186 – 24847143 Ext: 102
Fax: 24824037

E-Mail: info@KuwaitCarMuseum.com.kw


  • At 2012.01.31 22:43, Chika said:

    Finally! Well I am not into cars but that is ok I guess :/ I totally agree and understand ghalya’s infatuation with that cute pile of metal!

    • At 2012.01.31 23:40, jessyz said:

      She also had her camera with her and took lots of pictures hehehe, it really is worth a visit even if you are not into cars