Quirkology: The curious science of everyday life {Book Review}

Ooooh I haven’t really done a book review in ages and it is probably because I haven’t actually haven’t been reading like I used to. Life keeps getting in my way.  Anyhooo.

I recently read Quirkology by Richard Wiseman.

This was a funny and interesting book.  It is about the curious and quirky things we do all tested out by scientific (as scientifically as they could at least) experiments.  Things like how good people are at detecting liars and how.  Or why we believe in horoscopes. Or how they tried to find the world’s funniest joke.  And my personal favorite chapter was on lucky and if there are actually lucky people or not.

It is funny and interesting, oh I already said that. But that is exactly why I loved reading this book. It didn’t feel dry at all and it was chock full of really strange tidbits that might come in handy some time in the future when I think people are lying to me and I am trying to decide whether I believe them or not.

I have always found humans really interesting, we are very different and diverse but we are all basically very very similar.  Some of our quirks are really hard to prove or even spot, but Wiseman is a scientist who does just that, or knows other scientists who do that too.  You can also go off on tangents and delve deeper and read more about other research that has been done on the topics that he touches in the book.  I love books that are starting points for the pursuit of other books and things to read and find out.  I usually like to think about what I have read versus just putting down the book and completely forgetting about it totally.

You really should check this book out and the website.  It has some interesting videos like the one below and some experiments and their results.


Oh and have you noticed the site redesign?  I just decluttered a bit here and there.  I am on a  pseudo minimalist kick.