Sherlock – the TV series

My husband and I are boring stay at home on the weekend  kind of people, well that is not entirely true.  With a little child and no baby sitting options we have given up on date nights and since we are very resourceful people we usually watch movies back to back Thursday night (weekend starts on Friday where we live) until one of us falls asleep on the couch.  See how amazingly interesting we are?  The movies are usually action movies with lots of kicking, shooting, yelling, drug dealers, bad cops, good cops and that kind of thing (my husband picks them out).  To be honest I usually sit and knit next to him and occasionally look up to see what is going on.  And trust me, most of these action movies are pretty predictable that you can follow the storyline just by listening to the music and some of the dialog (not that there is a lot of it).

I had heard about the Sherlock series a couple of times but never actually watched it until yesterday morning.  I watched half of the first episode of the first season and totally loved it and thought he would find it cool too.  After all it is still  technically a guy kind of series with murders, some action and doesn’t have any romance or chicks that cry over their boyfriends who dumped them.

Oh boy, oh boy, he loved it. We watched the first two episodes together and since it is a long weekend in Kuwait we hope to get through the rest of them.  I might even get him watching the Mentalist.  Basically they are really similar but Sherlock is definitely more British.  It is based on Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle’s famous protagonist Sherlock Holmes but is set in modern day London.  I love the character development, there is a lot of depth to the characters.  I also love all the shots of London. And all the London cabs they get to ride in.

What I find most interesting about it, is how he deduces the things he does. He takes in all the details and just puts two and two together and bam!  It is also interesting to think how much we miss while we go about life that a more focused person can see.  The little details about a person that tell so much about them that we just never really see or notice.  I recently read Quirckology ( which I thought I had posted about but apparently haven’t) it actually gives you a lot of examples of seemingly random things that can tell a lot about a person and can predict some behavior.  Really interesting stuff. Well I had better run off and look for more interesting stuff to watch or I will end up watching another action movie of the really bad kind.

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