On deciding what to be when you grow up

I still haven’t decided what I want to be when I grow up. I did for a while. I was a software engineer. I liked doing that. But I wasn’t really all grown up. Then for a while I was just a stay at home mom. That too was fun and not so fun all the time. And since I was still not done growing up I didn’t feel like settling on that. Then I became a knit wear designer. I still sort of am. I still enjoy it. But I am still not done growing up. I sometimes entertain myself with thoughts of things I could do. I could become a novelist. I would definitely like that. I would also like to be a photographer. I like telling stories with pictures. I don’t want to tell sad tales of defeat but of happiness and spontaneous brightness in life. I could become a chef. I like cooking. Experimenting in the kitchen with ingredients and telling a culinary narrative with edible items. Or maybe I could make jewelry and use gemstones and metal that describe fairy tales.
And then I realized I am a story teller. We all are. The medium doesn’t matter. Everything we do or don’t so tells a story. Every picture, word, stitch, movement is just another part of the puzzle. Another paragraph in our autobiography. Some are better than others at curating their stories. Some are more meticulous in what they reveal. Some are raw and open. Some are private and share with only a select few and others happily tell the world using the biggest megaphone they can find.
I am going to be a story teller now and when I grow up. I am going to use all the different outlets that can be used to tell stories. Real ones, made up ones, legends, fables, useless ones; it doesn’t really matter. The story is not the end. It is the vessel. The telling is the real destination. The way you tell and the content you share with the world. To find the beautiful and show it to the world in the form of a story. That is what I am going to be doing while I grow up.


  • At 2014.08.04 16:25, deppy said:

    Very inspiring!

    • At 2014.09.25 12:25, sara said:

      omg, it’s like u r talking about what I feel, exactly! .. I keep talking to myself, that am 25 years old now .. shouldn’t I know what I want to be as a grown up already? but I keep dragging myself from one thing to another, I’d draw sometime and how difficult it is to draw when remembering all the negative experiences i went through as a child for wanting to draw! I work as a software engineer too, but that’s just for a living now, i no longer like it. I tried stitching and ribbon embroidery, but I didn’t continue it, probably because of all the criticism to my color selections as a child I didn’t have confidence to do that .. but I definitely will give it another try .. thank you for sharing your thoughts :)