Annual Halloween Parade Rant


So I was at the Halloween Parade this morning at my daughter’s school and thought I might treat you to my annual rant about the costumes.  Why does every little girl want to be Elsa?  I understand the dress is cool, the song is catchy and that ice superpower thing is awesome, but seriously?  Anna is way cooler than Elsa.  Frozen was one of Disney’s movies that had great female role models, two strong girls, sisterly love, and perseverance.  Anna, had no superpower, no gift, yet she was the one who insisted on saving her sister and her kingdom, sacrificing herself to do so.  She understood responsibility and tenacity, and did it with grace that is truly inspiring, yet I saw at least 4 Elsas in every class this morning.  One class even had 7. And these classes usually have 20 – 25 students in them.  There was one class that had two Annas, but that was the only one.  The rest didn’t have so many.  There were still the usual costumes, tons of fairies, princesses and generic witches.  One little girl was dressed as a bride which I found disturbing.  The boys were the same as last year; superheroes, pirates and vampires. There was a Harry Potter, but sadly no Hermione.

There were some really notable ones, like the little girl in the super cool wolf costume and the one in a Japanese kimono.  One little boy was wearing a flamenco dancer dress which I thought was awesome.  I also saw a Wonder Woman, a little girl dressed as Jack Sparrow (totally kickin), a girl Ironman, a Robin Hood or Peter Pan (not totally sure but either way cool) and a girl Thor.  The teachers were a little more creative and empowered;  a couple of superheroes, a FridaKahlo, an Amelia Earhart and my personal favorite Cruella DeVille.

It is not that I want girls to be superheroes or pirates, although they can if they want to.  They can even be princesses if they want to, but I sometimes feel that it is what they are led to believe they want, instead of given the space to explore who they are.  I just worry that they pick the princess with the pretty dress instead of the princess who saved her Kingdom, or her mother and could shoot arrows like Merida in Brave.  I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking that she has to be a damsel in distress to be a princess.  She can be a powerful and empowered princess.  She can save her kingdom and rule it too.

I wish there were more diversity.  I wish kids had a wider range of interests instead of the usual.  There were two storm troopers and a Darth Vader, if I were that kid, I would have taken over the school.   More creativity.  More imagination. More flair.  The world needs imaginative, fearless and creative kids.