For Women

Happy March!

This month I have invited some of the most talented and interesting Egyptian Women bloggers I know and asked them to guest post for me.

The theme is ‘for women’  and topics will be a wide range of things that interest and are important to the young Egyptian woman.

On days when I don’t have new posts I will be linking to older posts by bloggers that are also relevant to women so stay tuned this month. Thanks to Deppys for the awesome suggestion.

If you have a great idea that you would like to share please email me jessyz[@]



Have you heard this song?

It’s time for me to make a move
And I know what i gotta do
Coz I got everything to prove
I got a plan I’m sticking to

The word is that I’m over doubt
But I don’t let it get me down
I ain’t nobody’s push around
If they could only see me now

There’s only one thing on my mind
And I’m running out of time
I’m coming through so get out of the way

I am a woman on a mission, woah
Nothing can stop me, I’m stronger than ever
I wanna see this through
I am a woman on a mission, woah
Whatever it takes I will do what I gotta do

I’m gonna lay it on the line
I won’t give up without a fight
Coz I can see the finish line
Won’t stop till I make you mine
To read the writing on the wall
I’m ready here and standing tall
So people think they know it all
So I guess I’ll have to show them all

There’s only one thing on my mind
And I’m running out of time
I’m coming through so get out of the way

I am a woman on a mission, woah
Nothing can stop me, I’m stronger than ever
I wanna see this through
I am a woman on a mission, woah
Whatever it takes I will do what I gotta do

I am a woman on a mission, woah
Nothing can stop me, I’m stronger than ever
I wanna see this through
I am a woman on a mission, woah
Whatever it takes I will do what I gotta do

I never give up, I never give up, I never give up
I’m on a mission
I never give up, I never give up
I’m gonna see this through
I never give up, I never give up, I never give up
I’m on a mission
Whatever it takes I will do what I gotta do

Giveaway: Makeup Bag

Crochet Make Up Bag

**Update**  You don’t have to use it as a make up bag you know.

I had some of that beautiful blue cotton which I used to make my tote with and I felt sad I had no use for it.  So I decided to make a make-up bag.  It is a small project which took a couple of hours from start to finish.  I am sort of obsessive when I am making stuff.  I can’t really stuff.  I totally do not need a make up bag right now because  I can’t seem to remember to wear any and I already have several already.  I would really love one of you to have it.  Seriously, I decided in the early phases of making it, that it would be a gift, I just couldn’t decide who.  So if you like it and want a shot at winning it, just leave a comment below telling me what item is always in your makeup bag and why you love it so much.  I’ll close comments next Thursday (4 February 2010) and draw a winner after that.  I will mail it to whomever wins so I will need an address from the winner later on.  The pretty fabric in the background with the butterflies, birds and weird looking flowers is the same as the lining.  There is a little flower with a mother of pearl button too.  I tried my best to get a decent picture because it really is so much prettier in real life.

P.S.  I have been thinking about having a monthly giveaway for quite a while now, I just never could think of nice prizes.  I don’t think I can afford huge expensive items like an 21 inch TV or something, but I really would love this to take off, so if you think you know anyone who might be interested send them a link.  If this one takes off, then I am definitely having more in the future.

P.P.S  Isn’t that fabric just gorgeous?

P.P.P.S  I am a really boring make up girl, it is either black, dark brown or nude.  I just realized that now.

Women can be

Look at all the different things women can be. This a beautiful example of empowering entertainment.

Make your own Snow Globes

But these are not just regular snow globes, they are cup cakes!

snow-globe-cupcakesAnd you can make them yourself! Bakerella has the tutorial on her blog.

What’s in your makeup bag?


Chikapappi tagged me, so I have to show you what’s in my makeup bag.  I am a boring girl who likes to go with the basics.  I usually just have lip gloss on and that’s it.

  1. A pen, because I always need one and they get lost in my bags
  2. Lip Pencil – Body Shop
  3. Lip Pencil – I can’t remember what brand it was
  4. Lip Pencil –  Cover girl
  5. Lip Gloss – Nivea
  6. Lip Gloss – Bourjois
  7. Lip Gloss – I think it’s Luna or something
  8. Brown Eye Pencil – White and Red
  9. Black Eye Pencil – Oriflame
  10. Black Eye Pencil – Max Factor
  11. Brown Eye Pencil – Rimmel
  12. Charcoal Grey Eye Pencil – Sabaya
  13. Black Mascara – BodyShop
  14. Brown Mascara – Yasmina
  15. Clear Mascara – a nameless brand
  16. Sharpener – Oriflame
  17. Funky Mirror
  18. Nail File
  19. Hand Cream – Oriflame
  20. Cranberry Lip Balm – Body Shop
  21. Sugar and Spice Lip Balm – Body Shop
  22. Lip Balm – Cybelle
  23. Crystal Lip Gloss – Orflame

And the glue that keeps them all together my Clinique funky blue and orange make up bag.  There were some paperclips, safety pins and yellow baby barrettes in there too but they should be in my diaper bag pouch.  Now that’s one bag that has some interesting stuff like balloons, bubbles and diaper cream.

Now go tag yourself girls!

Artsy Paper chandelier

This is an amazing work of art.   A chandelier made totally out of paper.   It looks so pretty, I can even imagine it made in different colors, definitely a pretty addition to any room.

Paper chandelier

If you want to see how it was put together and maybe attempt to make one of your own, here’s the link: Extreme Paper: The Long, Dark Road to a Bright Idea.

I am a BubbleGum Club Fan

I love these Bubblegum characters, they are so cute.  My printer is out of ink, but I am going to get some ink to print the bookmark tomorrow.  There are some super cute bookmarks, invites, posters and door hangers to choose from.

What about after the divorce?

Recently a couple of girls I know had to go through the really horrible experience of divorce. I am not going into the details of the divorces or why the marriages failed, but my real question is what do they do next? Divorce is a traumatizing experience. With any traumatic experience the divorcee needs plenty of support and help after the experience, but in our Middle Eastern culture seldom does she get it. Therapy or psychological help is still frowned upon in our communities which is a very sad and bad thing. Carrying emotional baggage like that is frightening and must be very heavy on the girls. I wonder why there are no centers or support groups to help women handle it. A woman needs legal advice first to set her affairs in order. If she has kids she needs to figure out how she will support them and how she will get the financial settlement in order too. Even after all of that where does she go to deal with her own issues and then her children. Marriage is becoming increasingly difficult in our countries especially Egypt, parents are pressuring their daughters to settle for any marriage that comes along, so they are even harder on their daughters who want out and are usually even harder on them when they do get divorces.  Some women even stay in bad marriages longer than they should because of that parental and social pressure.  In a religious society like ours what role does the mosque or the imam play in such cases, nearly non-existent.  In the past imams did play a role in these issues because they also usually used to be judges and they new the rules really well.  What can we do to help?  I have been thinking about this for a long time and I think we need the following:

  • A change in mentality.  It is ok to get out of a bad marriage.  I chose “bad” because I think bad starts from an unhappy marriage to the extreme of an abusive relationship, with everything in between.  Understanding what a bad marriage is important.  Many women will accept husbands who cheat and will turn a blind eye to it just because they do not want to carry the stigma of a divorced women.  I think, if, as a community we stopped looking at the woman as the wrong doer or even trying to point a finger at who the guilty party is and focused more on fixing the situation it would be better to all of us.  We should stop judging and trying to analyze why someone’s marriage failed and instead help the person move on.
  • Educating women.  I have always thought that our basic education should include a “Marriage 101” course.  From the process of accepting a marriage proposal, making a marriage work, knowing what your rights and your obligations are and how and when to get out of a bad marriage if God forbid you were unlucky to get into one.  Since our educational system is not that sophisticated, parents should educate themselves and their sons and daughters.  Where are our writers and journalists?  Why isn’t there a “Marriage for Dummies in the Arab World” book, anything to help guide our generations in the right direction.  The rules in the non-Arab world are different, we need our own rules and we need to teach them to our daughters.
  • Support.  There is nothing wrong with seeking proffessional help.  Sometimes just talking to someone who is not involved in the situation enables us to move forward because a non-judgemental, honest and caring opinion can help clear what we saw as muddled or jumbled up.  Does your local mosque have an educated and caring Imam?  He should be playing his part in society, try and get him involved.  Are you part of a club or social scene where you can set up sessions and talks to the younger generation, then why are you not doing that? D is for Divorced, not for Dead, is a great blog offering advice, written by two ladies who went through it.  I wish more women had the guts and courage to do the same.  It is nothing to be ashamed of, what really is shameful is that we make an already bad situation worse.

Ballet flats + Matryoshka dolls = Jessyz in love

Matryoshka Ballet flats

Matryoshka Ballet flats

The color, the gold detail and the matryoshka dolls, I have found my perfect birthday present.