Friday’s Five: Childish Fun

One of the perks of having young ones at home is getting to watch kids shows all the time (to the point you actually want to smash the TV with a chair)

Some of my favorites are:

Timmy Time – Timmy Steals the Show
Uploaded by tokatchou. – See more comedy videos.

Thrilled That it is Thursday and November!

Yes, I am so thrilled that it is Thursday finally, not that weekends matter much to me anymore.  But, Thursday is pizza night, movie night and also just a wonderful day.  It is also the night I don’t turn on the alarm clock for the next day.  It is also the first Thursday in November.  I love Novembers and I love Thursdays!  Here is some stuff you can do:

  • You can download Smashing Magazine’s November wallpapers.
  • If you own an S60 device you can download this new demo version of mobile gReader from Mojos Studio.  It is a bit heavy but still cool nevertheless.
  • If you enjoy reading FMyLife but think they are sometimes a bit too uncensored for your liking, check out MyLifeIsMuslim.
  • Have you ever thought about Speed Racer’s (ethnicity) race?  Do we perceive the intended race of Anime characters or our own?
  • If you like the Sartorialist then you will enjoy LookBook.
  • Still not sure what to do with Google Wave?  Gina Trapani’s new book might help.
  • Geniuses are made, not born.
  • “Most people’s lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.” Tony Robbins.
  • “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”. Anais Nin

And finally I will leave you with this week’s feel good song.  Till next Thursday when the world is so nice.


Page 48 from the book

Page 48 from the book

Someone shared a link to an ebook called Archewallogy by Tarek Chemally. Being a book lover and someone who just can’t pass the idea of Free and Book together in the same sentence I downloaded it. And offffffffff offff offfff I loved it! It is a collection of photographs of walls all over Beirut. Alot of these images are of things that no longer exist. Chemaly then collaborated with Ashekman a group of graffiti artists/rappers and came up with both a video called “El hitan am tehkini” (The walls are talking to me) and the book. I loved the video clip too, it’s like an urban/retro mix that is interesting with even more interesting lyrics. This would make a really interesting coffee table book.

Hello Kitty, Sisters and Coincidences

My daughter is totally obsessed with Hello Kitty.  When I was younger I had a very similar obsession, I still love anything with Hello Kitty, but my favorite item used to be a pencil topper.  It got lost years ago and I still miss it sometimes.

I was looking for some Hello Kitty videos for Lulu and found this and it reminded me of what my sister wrote all about our imagination games a while back.

Getting Older

I used to love getting older, really, I did. I always felt that the older I got the better life would become. I thought that I would be able to see the world, do the things I wanted to do and be the person I wanted to be. “Har har har” Life said, “The joke is on you”. I definitely don’t feel “older” but feel more “aged”.
I think the biggest change that I’ve noticed is my inability to let go and dream like I used to. I used to believe that the world was my oyster and that I was invincible and could do everything and anything I wanted to do.
Now, I am more laid back which is not a bad thing but just different. I used to worry about everything, but now I know that things will figure themselves out in the end every time.

And the older Older song by George Michael

We Will Trancsend

I watching the clip and started to cry.  I cried because it was so touching, true and painful.  I cried because when you are so far away from all of the important women in your life you know how much they mean to you and how important their support is.  You understand that with their help, hugs and compassion, your life is a nicer place to be.  


Skyfire for a great mobile browsing experience

skyfire_startI own an HTC which runs Windows Mobile 6.  Ever since I got the phone ( a year and a half ago) I have hated the mobile version of Internet Explorer, I don’t use IE anyways and thought the mobile version was slow, had horrible rendering and was not exactly user or touch friendly.  I tried Opera but it would crash every single time and Minimo and some other browsers but still was not satisfied.

Until yesterday, bored out of my mind, my husband hogging the laptop I did a search for mobile browsers on my phone and got Skyfire.  In a couple of minutes it was downloaded, installed and up and running.  To say I was impressed is an understatement.  I love testing new software and usually uninstall as soon as I am unhappy with it.  Skyfire was amazing, it is fast, easy to use, touch friendly and has lots of great features.  Web pages are rendered exactly as they are and you can zoom in and out.  It supports javascript, Ajax and you can even watch YouTube clips on it, which was impossible before.  Best of all, it is free.

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

Is this real life?

David just had oral surgery and is wondering if this is real life? I feel so sad for the little guy, but it’s hilarious.

via ParentDish

Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes

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