Another week, another hat. {Friday’s FO}

Yup. It is done. And I have already cast another one


Oops I did it again {Wednesday’s WIP}

I am making another sockhead hat on larger needles so hopefully it will fit this time.


What is in your knitting notion toolkit?

Knitting notions

What is in your knitting notions kit? I keep all of my notions in a big tin, because I love them and it is easier to access whatever you need compared to a zippered case.  I have a needle book where I keep most of the needles I use for weaving in the ends, I also have a set of three larger ones I use with bulky and super bulky yarn, they’re the ones in the tin.  Stitch markers, needle threaders, a thimble, a pair of scissors, two measuring tapes and my stitch counter.  There is also a few magnetic bookmarks that I use to mark printed patterns or my place in my stitch pattern books.  I like having everything I need in the same place.


It is all trial and error {Saturday Sketchbook}

It is all just trial and error, you try stuff, you make mistakes, then you try again.

A finished hat {Friday’s FO}

10932108_1033699533313727_278626542_nI finished my hat but it was too small for me, so the six year old is the lucky recipient.  Either I have a super big head or I knit too tight, anyways, I just cast on another one and went up 2 needle sizes so we’ll see.

A sockhead hat {Wednesday’s WIPs}


I was knitting socks with this yarn. But it just wasn’t working for me. So I frogged them and started a sockhead hat. I think it is going to be too tight. Either my head is bigger than average or I knit much tighter than average. Oh well the 6 year old really wants it.

Becoming an artist {Saturday Sketchbook}

I am working on my drawing and sketching. I am going through this book. It is a lot of fun.

  Mostly it is random doodling. 

IMG_5982Sometimes it is a little more involved

IMG_5983And then of course there are the lessons from the book.

IMG_5989And simple urban sketching, which is the thing I want to learn how to draw the most.

IMG_5994And of course painting, painting is always fun.

I just love doing this, it is so easy, you don’t need a lot of tools, just paper and a pen or pencil.