Willow Squares {Wednesday’s WIP}

I am just making squares for now. Don’t know what they will be used for yet.


Viajante {Wednesday’s WIP}

It is Wednesday somewhere, I am sure.  Or at least it is in my head.  Totally forgot to take a picture yesterday and didn’t want to do it at night when the light is so horrible.  I am still working on my Viajante (well barely) I am almost at the point where I am supposed to join for the round and it is really exciting.


Doll Clothes

Doll clothes seem like the most fun thing to make right now.  My mom got the 6 yo an 18 inch doll and some outfits and it feels only proper to make some more. I found some of the coolest ideas for full outfits on Pinterest.

Each image is clickable and will directly take you to the page


I love everything about this one, the tights are just perfect.


This reminds me of Martha Stuart, I have no idea why.


I also love the idea of knitting and sewing.

7bd5cec5ca155fea8a121acb4fd39958This dress is my favorite of the bunch.


Now, excuse me while I continue falling down the rabbit whole of wanting to make doll clothes.

Ghalya Doll pattern release

It has been ages since I have released a pattern.  This one is dear to my heart and has been in the making since February.  The doll itself is a simple one.  If you can crochet, increase and decrease in the round you can definitely make one.  I can make one in an afternoon.  The hair is a little bit time consuming but so worth it.  And the clothes are fun to make and customize.

Please welcome the Ghalya doll.

Ghalya Doll

 The pattern includes a crochet and a knit dress pattern, a photo tutorial for the hair and some accessory suggestions.  She stands at 22 cm (8.6inches) tall, the perfect height for a little girl’s doll.


The pattern is available on ravelry


Big Pile of Wips {Wednesday’s WIPs}

big pile of wips

I am still working on my blanket, my viajante and a crochet bag.  All of them slow projects.  Which right now works for me.  I also made a project bag yesterday.

My new #knitting project bag.I used EmmalineBags‘ tutorial to make it.  My handles were much smaller than the ones she used and I didn’t adjust the pattern size accordingly, but I am still pleased with the results

The inside of the #knitting bag

Reading, crafting and experimenting in the kitchen

I have been wanting to try making meringues since forever. Yesterday, on a whim I whipped up a batch. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be but they weren't as good as I wanted them to be either.
I think I needed to bake them at a lower temperature. I will definitely be trying them again. I have very fond memories of my mother's baked Alaska. It was the most wonderful dessert ever. Soft white peaks of meringue streaked with dark brown, covering ice cold ice cream. I will make one soon.
I want to make something, just not sure what yet.
I have also been reading. I finished the Fairyland seriesby Catherynne Valente, or at least the first three books which are available because I read somewhere that the series will eventually include a total of 5 book.
I am totally in love with the series, imagine Alice in wonderland, meets Narnia with a 12 year old girl as a protagonist, and more. The themes in the three books so far are perfect for little girls aged 10 to a 100.




Is it winter yet?

I have a serious problem with summer. I hate it. I know. Most people like summer. It means vacations, trips, down time, fun, the beach, and all that. For me it just means it is really too hot to go out, the sun is too bright it hurts my eyes and all around misery. I have failed at making friends here. Or actually I did manage to make friends but they tend to leave the country. Or leave in the summer. Or get summer depression themselves. It has been a while since I updated here. So I might as well do it anyways it might help me feel a little bit more cheerful.

The 6yo graduated Kindergarten this year. She is psyched to be going to first grade. And so am I. The school day will be longer. So yay.

I started an Antarktis then ripped it out because it wasn’t fun knitting it.
I learned that you can make really awesome cheese puff crackers. We made them because the 6yo wanted to play with her cookie cutter set.
I started a pair of socks then ripped them too.

We got a rainbow loom. We also got a little obsessed with it.

We tried to make cold porcelain but it was an epic fail.

I started a ripple blanket. It is wide enough for our king sized bed so it will be a while before it is done.

I started a viajante. Because I am a sucker for large projects with thin yarn and small needles. I don’t have lace weight so I am using fingering. I also don’t have enough so I will be color blocking it. I am stash busting. If I like it I will order some lace weight.

And finally, I am making dolls again. There is something magical about creating dolls and their characters. I love making their clothes, accessories and imaginary lives that they lead.