Reading, crafting and experimenting in the kitchen

I have been wanting to try making meringues since forever. Yesterday, on a whim I whipped up a batch. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be but they weren't as good as I wanted them to be either.
I think I needed to bake them at a lower temperature. I will definitely be trying them again. I have very fond memories of my mother's baked Alaska. It was the most wonderful dessert ever. Soft white peaks of meringue streaked with dark brown, covering ice cold ice cream. I will make one soon.
I want to make something, just not sure what yet.
I have also been reading. I finished the Fairyland seriesby Catherynne Valente, or at least the first three books which are available because I read somewhere that the series will eventually include a total of 5 book.
I am totally in love with the series, imagine Alice in wonderland, meets Narnia with a 12 year old girl as a protagonist, and more. The themes in the three books so far are perfect for little girls aged 10 to a 100.




Is it winter yet?

I have a serious problem with summer. I hate it. I know. Most people like summer. It means vacations, trips, down time, fun, the beach, and all that. For me it just means it is really too hot to go out, the sun is too bright it hurts my eyes and all around misery. I have failed at making friends here. Or actually I did manage to make friends but they tend to leave the country. Or leave in the summer. Or get summer depression themselves. It has been a while since I updated here. So I might as well do it anyways it might help me feel a little bit more cheerful.

The 6yo graduated Kindergarten this year. She is psyched to be going to first grade. And so am I. The school day will be longer. So yay.

I started an Antarktis then ripped it out because it wasn’t fun knitting it.
I learned that you can make really awesome cheese puff crackers. We made them because the 6yo wanted to play with her cookie cutter set.
I started a pair of socks then ripped them too.

We got a rainbow loom. We also got a little obsessed with it.

We tried to make cold porcelain but it was an epic fail.

I started a ripple blanket. It is wide enough for our king sized bed so it will be a while before it is done.

I started a viajante. Because I am a sucker for large projects with thin yarn and small needles. I don’t have lace weight so I am using fingering. I also don’t have enough so I will be color blocking it. I am stash busting. If I like it I will order some lace weight.

And finally, I am making dolls again. There is something magical about creating dolls and their characters. I love making their clothes, accessories and imaginary lives that they lead.

The curious case of the forgetful blogger

I keep forgetting to blog.
It has been a while. I am a bad blogger.

Sorry, can I make it up to you with some pretty pictures?

After the crazy week of rainbow knitting and crocheting I wanted to knit socks so I cast on Jaywalkers.

I think I am the last sock knitter to knit jaywalkers. #knitting

The week before last the 6 year old was home for spring break so we made some Sharpie mugs.  If you have never made them or made them and they failed check out Craftaholics Anonymous, they have some great tips.

#sharpiemugs are fun.

And then I caught a bug called “makedollitis”, but it is ok, I am better now

Sweet instant gratification. #crochet

I find peace in making. #crochet #amigurumi

Now to add some hair. #crochet #amigurumi

Jumpsuit attempt number 1. Needs some work. #crochet #knitting

Before spring break ended someone got out the ruffled fabric and asked for a skirt, so I made a skirt. This is the second time I use this fabric, the first time it was a nightmare, so this time I researched some more, found this tutorial from Make it & Love it.  She also asked for a bag so I made this teeny tiny cute bag.

Today's #sewing. A ruffles fabric skirt and a mini bag for her dolls.

Then I decided if I could knit a doll. Isn’t she cute?

There was a time when there wasn't anything in the world that would make me knit 6 stitch tubes using DPNs. #knitting  #chocolatemintsinajardolls

A knit version of the #chocolatemintsinajardolls #knitting

And the Jaywalkers got frogged and cast on as plain vanilla socks.  Then it got tedious so I got out my fancy sock yarn hanks, wound them into balls as motivation (bribery)

I have been having sock #knitting trouble lately. So I am motivating myself with pretty #yarn

But of course I got lost somewhere and started Eva’s Shawl, which has probably been in my revelry favorites since I first joined.  I am trying to use up as much of my stashed yarn as I can because the yarn is getting out of control.

I have wanted to #crochet this shawl since 2009.


I hope you made it to the end and enjoyed yourself.  I will try to remember to blog more regularly.

A rainbow of finished objects. {Friday’s FO}

Last week a certain 6 year old said ” mommy make me a rainbow skirt”. I am a sucker for rainbows, knitting and requests made by the 6 year old.

So we went to the yarn store. And we picked out six colors that made a rainbow. And I started to knit.

Every time she saw me knitting she would ask if it were done yet.

She loves it. She even wore it to school yesterday because they had a dress down day ( she wears a uniform to school) and told all her friends that mommy made a skirt. Now you know why I rarely say no to her requests. Except the one for the mermaid tail because I really don't want to make a huge mermaid tail.

With the rest of the yarn I made a little crotchet top for another little girl.


I am sometimes amazed at how things have changed. I didn't use a pattern for either of them. I just did some math, measuring and gauge swatches. I am pretty sure the top is a little on the large size. But always make it bigger when making it for a kid is my motto.

Now I am obsessed with finding the perfect rainbow sock yarn.


A blanket called Endurance

#crochet I am starting to accept that it will never be as big as I want it to.

This is my Uncoordinated blanket.  I started it on July the 28th of 2012.  I was just stash busting, trying to use up old odds and ends of leftover Alize Diva that were the remains of projects.  I then called it the vulnerability blanket, but today I was talking to my mom about it and said it is your endurance blanket.  I thought about it and I guess she is right.  It is about my endurance and patience.  My perseverance to keep going even when I really didn’t want to.

To the average person it is an unremarkable blanket made up of colors that do not match and even in some places clash.  It is made up of the most basic crochet pattern there is.  The Granny Square.  It is not even made up of squares that are joined up, just one never ending square.

It started in Kuwait, it came with me to hospital when I had a near death experience, it came with me to the apartment in Cairo while I was getting it all fixed up, it came with me back to Kuwait again.  It has already been snuggled with by the 6 year old.  It has been exhausting, exhilarating and exasperating.  It tells a story of the many projects that were made with the yarn.  But most of all it tells the story of a woman.  A woman who chose to grow up, learn a lot of things and to always keep going.  A story that no one else might understand.  A story, of struggles, pain, happiness, sadness, elation, success and failure. A story that might not interest anyone else, because it is not amazing.  But a story that we all share.  A story of growing up.  Growing up is nothing but endurance.  Learning to keep your eyes on the ball while enjoying the game.  Of wanting to give up but deciding that you can give it another go.  You also learn that it is ok to stop and rest for a while, life isn’t going anywhere without you, and then you get up and try again.

I love finishing things, and having a work in progress for so long is a struggle for me. But this isn’t a quick project.  I have a King Size bed and this is fingering weight yarn.  I always knew it was going to be a feat.  But I am also starting to accept that it might never become a full King Size blanket, that maybe I have worked on it enough.  It has served its purpose.  It has shown me so many things and now I understand why.

It might be time to work on it for a little more time and stop.  To move onto other things and start using it on my bed so it can be a daily reminder of the amount of work we need in life and also that we are never really done.  We will always be works in progress.  We will always be an inch away from completion but that is ok.  We are perfect just the way we are. Because to me, this blanket with all of its imperfections and weirdness, it is just perfect to me.

Friday’s Finished Object Roundup

It has been a while. I was doing so well blogging regularly, then life happened. I like it when life happens in a good way. But I also miss blogging and updating.

I visited my hometown Alexandria, Egypt.

I finished my second color affection.

I bought an insane amount of yarn.

From a really ancient yarn store, so ancient in fact that this is the cash register.

I started to use up the yarn.
And finished the knee highs for my daughter. They turned out awesome, except for the fact that I made the decreases on the wrong side on one of them. But you can't really see it unless you are a knitter and I told you about it.
I cast on a pair of gym socks for myself. Because nothing beats hand knit socks at the gym.

Crocheted a little more squares for my sock yarn blanket.

Started reading Pipi Longstocking with my daughter. She is loving it. We just finished Ramona and Beezus. I also want to read Mary Poppins with her next.
I bought this cool fabric from IKEA last week and planned on making totes with it then coloring them, but the 6 year old said she didn't want a bag. So she got a skirt instead. It has pockets too. She loves pockets and so do I. I just love these quick and easy sewing projects.

She was so excited to color it in. We did part of one side then left it to completely dry because it felt that it might bleed. We used a thick page of cardboard underneath while coloring and it did bleed thru a little. I am going to seal it in after it is all done by ironing it.

So there you have it. A busy couple of weeks. But the good kind of busy.


Hope you are all happily making stuff too.

Untitled {Wednesday’s WIPs}

It has been a busy week.
I like being busy.

I am still working on my second color affection. But I am finally on the edge.

I made a little hat clip. I think I want to make a Cat in the Hat striped one.

I made cupcakes for the little one's class birthday party and they were a great success.

This morning I was feeling stressed so I made a bag. Instant stress relief.

I also printed out a new picture for my clear iphone case.

I also finished reading the book of awesome. It is awesome. Light happy reading that soothes the soul.