Coconut Vanilla Lip Balm (Lotion Bar) {DIY}

Did you know that making your own lotion bars / lip balm is ridiculously easy? It is so easy, really, super easy, so easy I can't really believe it.

I did a bit of googling and found this tutorial. There are lots of them online, but this was the one that said the Shea Butter was optional, and I couldn't find it locally so I just went with it.

DIY Lotion / Lip Balm

I found these little pots at my local Daiso, I just love that place. I put mine in pots even though you can make them like bars because I live in Kuwait and even though it is still March, the temperature was already in the thirties so I don't really want to risk a meltdown of my lotion in my bag.

I also bought little plastic measuring cups because I didn't know how hard they would be to clean up and had decided if it was going to be too much of a hassle I was just going to throw them away (I am so lazy, it actually makes me do smart things some times).

I would also suggest you grate or cut up the beeswax as small as you possibly can, it melts easier when it is smaller. I have a kitchen scale so I weighed a small peice of beeswax (16grams) cut it up, threw it into a (DIY version) double boiler, weighed the same amount of coconut oil, half the amount of almond oil (I didn't want it to be too greasy) and a tablespoon of Vanilla. It was probably completely liquid in less than 5 minutes. Then I took my bowl off, wiped it dry (you don't want the condensed droplets in your lotion) then poured it into these pots.

Washing everything took another 10 minutes, the whole process from start to finish probably took 30 minutes, which is just amazing when you think of the amazing product you end up with. Seriously this stuff is amazing. It is a little bit greasy, but your hands take it in and in a couple of minutes it is completely absorbed and you smell like a coconut (which is an added bonus). My 5 year old has already claimed one, which is great because I am not worried if she eats the stuff, it is completely safe, non toxic and edible.

I made another batch but with vitamin E, it is slightly more greasy but it does leave my hands and lips softer.


  • cleveland smith August 16, 2013 at 4:17 am

    I’ve been reading a lot of recipes and they’re all pretty simple. When you say that you add vanilla to your mix, are you referring to “vanilla flavor” or scented vanilla oil and can this product be used as a lip balm or lip chap?

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