Sometimes you just need to do things a little differently

I have been taking it easy and loving it. I finally finished the Yarn Harlot’s the Secret life of knitters. As is expected from her it was funny, touching and just the thing I needed to read. I love how she talks about knitting, life and everything else. If you love yarn then you definitely need to read this book.
Then I read Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work.  First of all, I am a Project Runway fan.  I love the show, love the energy, watching the designs go from inspiration to actual garments on the runway not just because I know how difficult the design process is but also because I love watching people create something from nothing.  After reading this book I don’t think I will ever watch it the same way again.  The book isn’t about project runway it is about Gunn’s rules for life.  Why he tells designers to “make it work” and “carry on” whenever he visits them in the work room.  It is a light read but quite entertaining and funny.  Definitely worth a look.

And then on a whim I started a crochet project

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Back in December of 2009, I started wanting to learn crochet. I started looking at blogs and websites and then I bit the bullet and taught myself. Amigurumi was always one of the things that fascinated me. Just thinking about all the toys I could make would just make me dizzy. When I finally got the hang of it and could make them, I lost interest and only rarely make them now. I think it is all the small pieces.
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All the sewing of the little pieces and most of all the face. The face is what makes or breaks the toy, I usually end up redoing it a couple of times. But not this time, I just did it and have decided to live with the lopsided face. After all it is just a toy.
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We did take PussyCat (as the little one has decided to call her) out and about yesterday.
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Sometimes you just need to be and let things go, like I let the face go. I know it is not perfect but does it really have to be perfect? Isn’t that what crafting is?

Happy weekend/week wherever you are.

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