Another bag, courage and hoarding supplies

I tidied up the dining room table. I mean I cleared everything that used to be on it except my yarn vase. While that might not seem like an accomplishment for most people it was for me. We use the dining room table in lieu of desks and a sewing table. So yesterday when I needed to sew it felt really bad with the sewing machine on it and my cutting mat. Feelings of guilt engulfed this crafter. You see, I had craft ennui. I hate when I get that. When I want to make things because making is what I do, yet I do not have enough motivation to actually do it. Sometimes I think it is a lack of courage, especially in sewing because once that fabric is cut there is no going back.

So I decided to just push through. It is just fabric. I can buy more if I screw things up. That is perhaps one of the most challenging things in crafting for me. That I can and should and really must use up my supplies and materials instead of worrying about using them all up. Do you get that too? Especially the really pretty yarn or special fabric.

I used am old pattern of mine the Mummygo bag to make this bag. It is a simple thing to sew, mostly straight lines and easy to cut peices.

I forgot to add the magnetic snap in closures. You know how professional cooks use the phrase “mise en place” we'll us crafters need to use it too. Whenever I get all of my notions, findings and supplies ready I rarely forget important steps like adding a snap. But when I wing it I almost always forget. I am not completely happy with the bag but it is ok. It works great for running out to the store (with my matching grocery bag) but I think I can do better next time.





  • Nicole October 21, 2013 at 10:52 am

    It turned out beautiful!
    Even without the clasp 😉
    And I hear you on the ‘wanting to do things, but then there’s the but…. 🙂

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