Butterfly rainbow crayons

Butterfly Rainbow Crayons

Aren’t these fun?

They are cute butterfly crayons.

Butterfly Rainbow Crayons

All you need is a silicone mold that can be put in the oven. Break the crayons into little pieces and put them in the mold. The mold I had can withstand heat up to 230 degrees Celsius, I set the oven to 200 degrees and just let them melt then took them out.
It is best to place the mold on a baking sheet so it is easy to take out of the oven. Also try and make sure the crayons are high quality wax. The smaller the peices the faster and better the crayons melt down.

I made liquid soap

Making liquid soap turned out to be super easy.
I used this recipe. No seriously, one bar of soap made tons and tons of liquid soap.  You don’t even need to grate the soap you can just microwave the soap in the water and then add the glycerine.

Theme Red

I am not a red lover.  But I just realized I made a lot of red things since yesterday.

First there was a red magic wand

Red Magic wand

My four year old decided that she couldn’t be a fairy without a magic wand. I think she is absolutely right, what kind of self respecting fairy doesn’t have a magic wand? So a magic wand she got.

Then today we decided to make some bunting with her name on it. Out came the red felt, it was the only color I had enough of to make the flags.
Red Bunting Name Banner

She helped with the cutting and the sewing. I held the fabric and she pressed the foot pedal thingy. Stopping when I yelled stop and going when I yelled go go go. It was a lot of fun.

Then she decided that she was a ballerina and she needed ballet slippers. And she is absolutely correct, what kind of self-respecting ballerina does not have ballet slippers? Since she is only four, and quite imaginative she totally bought the idea of red crochet slippers as ballet slippers.
Red Crochet Slippers

Super bulky yarn, a size 7 mm hook and an hour later she was happily prancing in the living room in her tutu pretending to be a prima Donna.

School is out! And so is my crafting

My daughter was supposed to finish school next week, but they stopped taking attendance on Wednesday and all the other parents stopped bringing their kids to school. I took her to school on Wednesday and waiting for any other kids to show up and it never happened so I just took her home. She actually said that she would be ok on her own and would play all by herself all day (she can entertain herself). So we ended up going to the pool and then again on Thursday. And in a moment of complete crazy parenting I banned television. So now I need to find ways to keep her entertained all day without the use of TV.
I have already signed her up for Summer School which starts next week. So I just need to find stuff for her to do from 1 pm until bed time.
Enough about that, let me tell you about what I have been crafting.
My purple cardigan is being worked at, at the rate of 2 rows a day if I am lucky. I should have joined the armholes by now but I am taking it really slow.

I also cast on a pair of socks, for Sock Knitters Anonymous June challenge on Ravelry.
Desert Glacial Socks

And then for some reason I started a crochet lapghan/throw.
Easy Peasy Shrug as a Lapghan

So if you are counting that is 4 WIPs; cardigan, socks, lapghan and the uncoordinated blanket. That is really hard for me, I never do that.
But right now, I am going to hit publish and go try and knit more than two rows on my cardigan while my daughter plays with her beads (they were mine but she has claimed them and is calling them beans).
Making Bead Necklaces and Stuff

Rainbowfied Earbuds

We have two pairs of boring white iPhone earbuds at home.  And my husband and I usually argue about them.  So I decided to rainbowfy mine so they wouldn’t be confused with each other, tangle less and well look really really pretty.

You can find a tutorial here.


I didn’t use the tutorial, just used the idea. I also didn’t glue the ends, I weaved them in the same way you would weave in ends when you crochet or knitting.

It probably took a couple of hours while I watched Lady in the Water, a really weird movie by M. Night Shyamalan. The movie had potential but just fell flat for some reason.

Paper Crafts

I found this book [My big bumper book of model animals] when I was in Egypt a couple of weeks ago.  Without thinking I grabbed it, I knew it was going to entertain the little one and I for a couple of hours.  And it has been a lot of fun.  It is the perfect thing to do with kids when you don’t want to clean up.

And then completely by chance I came across 3eyedbear and found Sofia, she is the blue haired girl [the red haired girl template can be found here].

Little Paper Girls

The site has lots of other paper toys.  All you need to do is print the pdf file then cut out the model and glue the bits and pieces together.  I have found that it is easier to use an X-Acto knife to do the cutting and double sided tape for sticking the pieces together.