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Crochet Cuties: Tape Measure Cuties and a Sale

I absolutely love my measuring tape. It is one of those really important tools that if you make stuff you are going to need all the time. If I didn’t think mine was so pretty I would have definitely made a cute cover for it like…

Crochet Cuties: Cuteness Overload

It has been a while since I did a Crochet Cuties post. So here are some really adorable projects. Photo Credits 1. building blocks, 2. Pink Polka Dot Buttons., 3. crochet accessory , 4. crochet pillows…, 5. Crochet: Ethel Cushion, 6. crochet flower, 7. Crochet Tote…

Crochet Cuties: Monkey Business

I have a little knitting helper, he is called Mr Monkey (click the links if you want to see how bad my photography used to be). Mr Monkey is going to be 2 next February. He likes to help my knit and he also gets dragged…

Crochet Cuties: Cupcakes

Cute and yummy but these are calorie free too And the pattern is free too Or maybe you don’t crochet but knit? And the pattern is free for these ones too

Crochet Cuties: Mini Granny Squares Cushion

I love how versatile granny squares are, you can use them to make anything. ┬áThis is a cushion by CraftyRie, click on the image or the link to see some more pretty pictures  

Crochet Cuties: Coat Hangers

Coat hangers can be cute? Yes yes yes they can be very cute. So cute in fact that I want to make some. I can across there cheerful ones from Petite Fee. My grandmother had these, I am not sure if she made them or someone…

Crochet Cuties: Summer Squares on the Side Blanket

Seriously, projects like these are the ones that made me pick up a hook in the first place. I have yet to make something so big, but just looking at this pretty blanket makes me very happy. From the ChickenBetty Blog