Knitty Kitty Cat Hat {Free Pattern and Friday’s FO}

Knitty Kitty Cat HatI really had no intention of knitting a hat.  It has been in the 40s (celsius) for weeks, so (a) there is no need for hats (b)I had other things to do.  I was browsing Pinterest and found a really cute crocheted Hello Kitty hat and thought I need to make one of these.  I didn’t want to crochet it so I thought I would just knit it instead.  There was no pattern and I did not feel like finding one.

I grabbed some worsted weight yarn, swatched with 2 different sized needles, then started knitting.  I remember when I first started knitting and crocheting and I had no idea what I was doing.  I still don’t know what I am doing most of the time.  But that night, I knew exactly how to construct a hat, how to measure gauge, how to use that gauge to figure out the number of stitches and how to get this done.

Basically, I told myself “I got this”.  When we are just learning something we struggle with all of its elements, then practice and knowledge start replacing that frustration, more time and muscle memory takes over most of it.  Have you even been some place, then found yourself at home, without even thinking how you drove home, maneuvered the roads or even thought about directions? 

The hat is started with the ear flaps, they are made first, bottom up then the rest of the stitches are cast on in between them.  This hat fits children and has a circumference of 18 inches



250 meters of worsted weight yarn.


4mm DPNs and or circulars

A stitch marker, scissors, darning needle


6 stitches/inch in stockinette


K Knit

P Purl

M1L Make 1 left (instructions)

M1R Make 1 right (instructions)

CO Cast on

K2tog Knit two stitches together


Ear Flaps

On a DPN cast on 3 stitches, without turning, scoot the stitches to the other side and knit the 3 stitches, keep on knitting and scooting to knit an I-Cord.  If you have never knit one or find these instructions confusing, check out this video.  Knit until it measures 14 inches. 

From now on you will be turning each time as usual.

Row 1 P all stitches

Row 2 K 1, M1L, Knit to last stitch, M1R, K 1.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have a total of 21 stitches.

Row 1 P all stitches

Row 2 K all stitches

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for a total of 7 times. Finishing on the wrong side.  Leaving a long tail cut the yarn.

You have completed the first ear flap, do not cast off, leave it aside on the needle or on a lifeline.

Repeat the process, but this time, knit one more row, do not cut the yarn, CO 33 stitches.  This page explains how to cast on in the middle of the work. Knit the stitches on the first ear flap, now it has the same number of rows as the other one.  CO another 33 stitches, add a stitch marker and join with the first stitch from the first ear flap to join the round. The total number of stitches should be 108.

Continue knitting in the round until the peice measures 5 inches, from the edge of the brim (not the ear flaps).  The brim might be rolling so make sure you measure it while flattening it.  Crown decreases can now begin.

Round 1: *Knit 10, K2tog*

Round 2: Knit all stitches

Round 3: *Knit 9, K2tog*

Round 4: Knit all stitches

Round 5: *Knit 8, K2tog*

Round 6: Knit all stitches

Round 7: *Knit 7, K2tog*

Round 8: Knit all stitches

Round 9: *Knit 6, K2tog*

Round 10: Knit all stitches

Round 11: *Knit 5, K2tog*

Round 12: Knit all stitches

Round 13: *Knit 4, K2tog*

Round 14: Knit all stitches

Round 15: *Knit 3, K2tog*

Round 16: Knit all stitches

Round 17: *Knit 2, K2tog*

Round 18: Knit all stitches

Round 19: *Knit 1, K2tog*

Round 20: Knit all stitches

Round 21: *K2tog*

You should have 9 remaining stitches, cut of the yarn, thread the darning needle and insert the yarn into all 9 stitches, pull tight and weave in the end.

The hat itself is now complete.


CO 24 stitches, Join in the round.

Knit 7 rounds.

Start decreasing the ears.

Round 1: *Knit 6, K2tog*

Round 2: Knit all stitches

Round 3: *Knit 5, K2tog*

Round 4: Knit all stitches

Round 5: *Knit 4, K2tog*

Round 6: Knit all stitches

Round 7: *Knit 3, K2tog*

Round 8: *Knit 2, K2tog*

Round 9: *Knit 1, K2tog*

Round 10: *K2tog*

Finish off and weave in the ends through the remaining 3 stitches.

Make second ear.


Attach the ears.

Weave in all remaining ends.


Enjoy your hat.


The one where the blogger realizes she hasn’t blogged in ages and shows off a bunch of FOs {Friday’s FO}}

I had no idea that the last time I posted on this blog was last January. Oops! I really didn’t mean to forget. And I really have been busy. I finished the blanket.

11 months in the making. 21 balls of yarn. 147 rows. 254 stitches a row. It is done. #crochet

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I used the leftovers to make a bag, and I LOVE IT!

I have also been busy making inserts for my fauxdori and journaling like crazy.

I am super happy with the inserts I made. #travelersnotebook

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And I got cornered into sewing a dress for my daughter. She was sooo happy with it.

And I just finished reading this book and I love it. I already tidied up the socks and unmentionables and the difference is Crazy!

Another week, another hat. {Friday’s FO}

Yup. It is done. And I have already cast another one


A finished hat {Friday’s FO}

10932108_1033699533313727_278626542_nI finished my hat but it was too small for me, so the six year old is the lucky recipient.  Either I have a super big head or I knit too tight, anyways, I just cast on another one and went up 2 needle sizes so we’ll see.

First FO of 2015 {Friday’s FO}


I finished this last Sunday. It is just a simple crochet bag that my daughter had already claimed. I still want to add a lining to it but she is already using it to keep her art supplies. So I guess maybe later.
I had these cute handles in my stash. The red doesn’t match perfectly but they do look cute.


The never ending scarf {Friday’s FO}


*This is the never ending scarf, someone started knitting it, not knowing what it was, and they will go on knitting it forever and ever just because.. *

It certainly felt that way, but it is now done, and crudely blocked because it is so long I couldn’t properly block it and it isn’t as wide as I wanted it, so it is not really a wrap/shawl.  But as a scarf it is perfect.

I still want a wrap, a big cozy wrap, even if I will only use it at home.

Arabian Nights Shawl {Friday’s FO}

I am slowly finishing off WIPs. The operative word here being slowly. I still have three more. All of them blankets, all in crochet. Thankfully one is a bulky weight, the second is a worsted and the last one is in a fingering weight. Because unlike normal people I enjoy torturing myself with fingering weight yarn. I actually do. I love the weightlessness of it and of the finished piece. I love the drape and fabric.

So here is my finished Arabian Nights shawl. I love the colors. Subtle yet strong. I sometimes think that the things I knit are just a reflection of my unsaid words and unspoken feelings.