Another Hitofide {Friday’s FO}


It is done, blocked and just perfect.  I am so ready to make another one.  But I will resist until I have finished some of the WIPs I already have.

Another FO this week

I just finished #knitting the cardigan. She said she wanted short sleeves so she could layer. My 6 year old has more fashion sense than I do.

This kid has me wrapped around her finger, she sat (not so patiently) next to me as I worked on the sleeves, asking every 5 minutes if I were done yet.  She then proceeded to ask me every 2 minutes if I were done while I was weaving in the ends.  She said she wanted the sleeves short because she wanted to wear a long sleeved T shirt underneath it.

The front is shorter than the bag. But it is really difficult to picture.

When I was done, I told her it needed to be blocked first to straighten it out, and she said please do it quickly.  So I steam blocked it quickly and she wore it until bedtime.  She wanted to wear it to bed too.  If that isn’t the best compliment a knitter can get, I don’t know what is.  Eventually, she took it off and carefully folded it and put it in her closet so she could wear it tomorrow.  She then asked for another cardigan.

I told you she had me wrapped around her fingers.

Hitofude Cardigan {Friday’s FO}


I should have taken a picture with the big girl camera, but I took this a couple of days ago and I still haven’t woven in the ends yet.  I am so pleased with this pattern.  It is written beautifully.  It was a fantastic and extremely enjoyable knit.  I have already purchased yarn for a second one for my sister.  I knit this using Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in the Basalt Heather color way.  I love Knit Picks yarn, it is very affordable and is always robust and wears really well.

A thumbs up from me for both the pattern and the yarn.


Can’t wait to cast on the second one.

A rainbow of finished objects. {Friday’s FO}

Last week a certain 6 year old said ” mommy make me a rainbow skirt”. I am a sucker for rainbows, knitting and requests made by the 6 year old.

So we went to the yarn store. And we picked out six colors that made a rainbow. And I started to knit.

Every time she saw me knitting she would ask if it were done yet.

She loves it. She even wore it to school yesterday because they had a dress down day ( she wears a uniform to school) and told all her friends that mommy made a skirt. Now you know why I rarely say no to her requests. Except the one for the mermaid tail because I really don't want to make a huge mermaid tail.

With the rest of the yarn I made a little crotchet top for another little girl.


I am sometimes amazed at how things have changed. I didn't use a pattern for either of them. I just did some math, measuring and gauge swatches. I am pretty sure the top is a little on the large size. But always make it bigger when making it for a kid is my motto.

Now I am obsessed with finding the perfect rainbow sock yarn.


Friday’s Finished Object Roundup

It has been a while. I was doing so well blogging regularly, then life happened. I like it when life happens in a good way. But I also miss blogging and updating.

I visited my hometown Alexandria, Egypt.

I finished my second color affection.

I bought an insane amount of yarn.

From a really ancient yarn store, so ancient in fact that this is the cash register.

I started to use up the yarn.
And finished the knee highs for my daughter. They turned out awesome, except for the fact that I made the decreases on the wrong side on one of them. But you can't really see it unless you are a knitter and I told you about it.
I cast on a pair of gym socks for myself. Because nothing beats hand knit socks at the gym.

Crocheted a little more squares for my sock yarn blanket.

Started reading Pipi Longstocking with my daughter. She is loving it. We just finished Ramona and Beezus. I also want to read Mary Poppins with her next.
I bought this cool fabric from IKEA last week and planned on making totes with it then coloring them, but the 6 year old said she didn't want a bag. So she got a skirt instead. It has pockets too. She loves pockets and so do I. I just love these quick and easy sewing projects.

She was so excited to color it in. We did part of one side then left it to completely dry because it felt that it might bleed. We used a thick page of cardboard underneath while coloring and it did bleed thru a little. I am going to seal it in after it is all done by ironing it.

So there you have it. A busy couple of weeks. But the good kind of busy.


Hope you are all happily making stuff too.

I finished something [Friday’s FO]

This post is brought to you by your ability to pretend it is Friday :-). And it is always good to pretend it is Friday.
I finished my Livezy House Wrap.

I am super happy it is finished. The pattern was on the boring side, but I knew that, the yarn was splitty and had a halo that could have been a wig instead.

But it does look pretty and the colors are pretty wild and totally not me. Sometimes I just do things on a whim. My spontaneity is quite predictable 🙂

So as of now I have four WIPs left, two of which are long term projects (meaning that they will probably be finished by 2015, I mean you can’t really expect me to finish two sock yarn blankets this year right?). That leaves my second color affection and a pair of knee high socks for my 5 year old.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 8.09.09 AM

I am hoping to finish both projects before March. I am an optimist (AKA totally crazy) so it just might happen.

As for the blankets; I am trying to make at least one square a day and hopefully joining it too, that would make it possible to finish before the end of the year and still be really relaxing.

Little One’s messenger bag {Friday’s Finished Object}

messenger bag

I always feel that Friday mornings are perfect for sewing little things.  The little one has stated to read and is obsessed with her books.  I had made her a little camera bag and she was using it for her books, the problem was that it was too small for her books.  She has been nagging for a little book bag all week.  I told her to pick a style and showed her some on pinterest and she chose Zaaberry’s Kid’s Messenger Bag.

I had been saving the strawberry fabric and it was the perfect thing for this little bag and I also had some red leather stashed.  I was intimidated by the leather and kept putting off sewing with it until now.  It was the perfect shade for the strawberry fabric.

So, I went for it.

She’s thrilled with it.

She has already filled it with books and is wearing it around the house.

That is the beauty of little 5 (almost 6) year olds.  They can be easily pleased.

Now that I have sewed leather I want to make something for me using it.  It is beautiful.  It is soft and easy to sew.

What have you finished this week?