Talent vs. Skill vs. Creativity

skill talent creativityI always feel very self conscious when people say I have talent or am talented.  Part of me would like to soak it up and believe it while the other part thinks that talent is a magic I do not yet possess.  Now skill, is easily spotted, it is the ability to do something well.  It usually comes from lots of practice.  You know the techniques, you know how to do it, you can spot and fix mistakes as well as perhaps even come up with solutions on your own.  Creativity is another tricky one but is so vague that I feel that I am creative.  I like to think of it as the ability to do stuff without instructions.  I don’t mind making stuff up as I go along, and feel comfortable not having to follow instructions.

I am not just ranting, I always wonder about this trio in the creative world.  Do you need creativity and skill to be talented?  Can you be talented without the skill set? If you are creative but have no skill will you be able to execute your ideas?  Do they grow together? Can one grow and drag the others along?

I feel that I can learn new techniques and improve my skills, I can also challenge myself and think out of the box more often and be more creative but how can I become more talented?  Talent to me, seems like magic. Is it?

What do you think?

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Stitch Marker giveaway

Stitch Marker giveaway

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