The curious case of the forgetful blogger

I keep forgetting to blog.
It has been a while. I am a bad blogger.

Sorry, can I make it up to you with some pretty pictures?

After the crazy week of rainbow knitting and crocheting I wanted to knit socks so I cast on Jaywalkers.

I think I am the last sock knitter to knit jaywalkers. #knitting

The week before last the 6 year old was home for spring break so we made some Sharpie mugs.  If you have never made them or made them and they failed check out Craftaholics Anonymous, they have some great tips.

#sharpiemugs are fun.

And then I caught a bug called “makedollitis”, but it is ok, I am better now

Sweet instant gratification. #crochet

I find peace in making. #crochet #amigurumi

Now to add some hair. #crochet #amigurumi

Jumpsuit attempt number 1. Needs some work. #crochet #knitting

Before spring break ended someone got out the ruffled fabric and asked for a skirt, so I made a skirt. This is the second time I use this fabric, the first time it was a nightmare, so this time I researched some more, found this tutorial from Make it & Love it.  She also asked for a bag so I made this teeny tiny cute bag.

Today's #sewing. A ruffles fabric skirt and a mini bag for her dolls.

Then I decided if I could knit a doll. Isn’t she cute?

There was a time when there wasn't anything in the world that would make me knit 6 stitch tubes using DPNs. #knitting  #chocolatemintsinajardolls

A knit version of the #chocolatemintsinajardolls #knitting

And the Jaywalkers got frogged and cast on as plain vanilla socks.  Then it got tedious so I got out my fancy sock yarn hanks, wound them into balls as motivation (bribery)

I have been having sock #knitting trouble lately. So I am motivating myself with pretty #yarn

But of course I got lost somewhere and started Eva’s Shawl, which has probably been in my revelry favorites since I first joined.  I am trying to use up as much of my stashed yarn as I can because the yarn is getting out of control.

I have wanted to #crochet this shawl since 2009.


I hope you made it to the end and enjoyed yourself.  I will try to remember to blog more regularly.

Things I made this week

My week starts on a Saturday. It is usually a day of cleaning and tidying up while entertaining the 5year old and taking her to swimming lessons. Well last Saturday she didn’t have swimming lessons so she got out her Perler beads and started making stuff.

Instagram Photo

I found a penguin pattern and decided to make it. Man those things take a lot of time and the slightest nudge to the table knocks those beads off. And with a 5 year old sitting next to you, the table does get nudged a lot. But in the end I got a pretty penguin, well she decided it was hers.

Instagram Photo

On Sunday it was my birthday, so I made cupcakes (really good recipe). As usual I ended up with way way way more than a 3 person family should eat so I gave half of them to my husband to take to work. The other half was eaten by the 5 year old. Seriously, that kid loves chocolate cupcakes and would probably eat the for life if she could get away with it. I only ate one mini one and that was it.

Instagram Photo

On Tuesday she got the day off so we spent it at home again and I tried to finish the never ending blanket. I also realized that the yarn I had would not be enough, yaaay new yarn for me.

Instagram Photo

On Thursday I decided my husband really needed a new scarf and I had the perfect yarn for it, so I just cast on. I knit him one when I first started knitting, and I am pleased albeit slightly surprised that he wore it and actually loved it. So he definitely deserves a scarf. I knit him a pair of socks once, he never wore them so I unraveled them and made them smaller, I think I might just knit him another pair and insist (nag like a crazy knitter wife) he wear them :-)

Instagram Photo

Finally, I have been really wanting one of those sock knitting project boxy bags or dopp kits. I sewed two before but they never turned out how I wanted, this time I used interfacing and this tutorial. I love it. I am not sure if it is because my sewing skills have improved or I just got lucky but I am really happy with the results.

Instagram Photo

So that is it folks. I guess it has been a productive week overall.

Melanie Bag {Sewing}

Large bag for myself. #sewing #diyI have had the pattern for quite a while now.  It is the Melanie bag by I think Sew.  The problem with it is that it is a huge pattern.  Just taping the paper pieces together was hard and made me want to quit.  But definitely worth it.  I should have added seam allowances but I  was too lazy to do it.  I am also so sure I had magnetic snaps but I couldn’t find them, I guess I could always add them later if I buy some more.  Now I feel inspired to do more sewing

A journal pen bandolier { or a whatchamacallit }

Last week I came across this journal keeping method called Bullet Journal and I fell in love with it. It is simple, analog and easy to use. I usually keep journals to jot down notes and reminders but they always get muddled up after a few weeks of use and it isn't easy to find what I am looking for. This system simply works. It is not rocket science, just a clear way of doing things.

The problem usually is that I end up losing my pens inside my bag. I googled journal pen holders and saw these bandolier thingies. And said hey I can make me one of those. And so I did. This is version two. The first one was crooked and the edges weren't so neatly done because I folded them inside instead of twice on the outside. I am so happy with the finished result.

I am not worried about losing my pens and I feel super organized which is always a good thing.

What is your favorite “organized” thing you own?

Another bag, courage and hoarding supplies

I tidied up the dining room table. I mean I cleared everything that used to be on it except my yarn vase. While that might not seem like an accomplishment for most people it was for me. We use the dining room table in lieu of desks and a sewing table. So yesterday when I needed to sew it felt really bad with the sewing machine on it and my cutting mat. Feelings of guilt engulfed this crafter. You see, I had craft ennui. I hate when I get that. When I want to make things because making is what I do, yet I do not have enough motivation to actually do it. Sometimes I think it is a lack of courage, especially in sewing because once that fabric is cut there is no going back.

So I decided to just push through. It is just fabric. I can buy more if I screw things up. That is perhaps one of the most challenging things in crafting for me. That I can and should and really must use up my supplies and materials instead of worrying about using them all up. Do you get that too? Especially the really pretty yarn or special fabric.

I used am old pattern of mine the Mummygo bag to make this bag. It is a simple thing to sew, mostly straight lines and easy to cut peices.

I forgot to add the magnetic snap in closures. You know how professional cooks use the phrase “mise en place” we'll us crafters need to use it too. Whenever I get all of my notions, findings and supplies ready I rarely forget important steps like adding a snap. But when I wing it I almost always forget. I am not completely happy with the bag but it is ok. It works great for running out to the store (with my matching grocery bag) but I think I can do better next time.





Tilda dolls are my new obsession

Until a few weeks ago I had no idea what Tilda dolls were. I came across them on Pinterest and thought they were the coolest looking dolls ever. They are whimsical yet sophisticated. I love how the options are unlimited and a simple change of fabric you have a totally different looking doll.

I ordered the book Tilda's Studio: Over 50 fresh projects for you, your home and loved ones and just love it. It is a beautiful book. The photography is uplifting and all of the projects are fun and playful. I especially love the wool pixie hat.

But I just had to make a Tilda angel first.


It was fairly easy to make but it was time consuming. The arms and legs are skinny at the tips and were fiddly to fill, not impossible, just difficult. I was apprehensive about making the hair and the instructions in the book didn't feel clear enough. But after a little bit of googling and watching a couple of tutorials on youtube I went ahead and did it. At first I was going to make her hair brown, but brown is boring so I went with pink. She is an angel doll after all and the doll hair police don't care.

I definitely plan on making more. And if you like making dolls, give the Tilda dolls a look.

The Big Geranium for little G {Sewing}

I fell in love with the Geranium dress by Rae when I saw it the first time, sadly it was only sized up to 5 years.  My daughter is 5 but she is on the tall side so I usually need to size up and felt it didn’t make sense to make a dress she could only barely fit into and didn’t include any larger sizes.

So when Rae announced the release of the larger sizes I was so happy I have been in a sewing mood lately.  Making grocery bags is one thing but a dress is a totally different story.  It might be the same thing for some, but you can ignore mistakes or errors in a bag but not on your child’s clothing.

Yesterday, I decided to sew it up. I purchased the pattern and printed it out.  It took a few hours from start to finish.  Rae’s instructions are very clear.


My grandmother had given me the floral fabric last year and I had never gotten round to using it. I realized that it would not be enough for the whole dress. And last winter I got rid of all of my scraps and donated them because they were taking up so much space and I didn’t think I would need them. Luckily I found some white cotton that worked beautifully with the floral fabric.


The size 6 is a perfect fit and the length is just perfect. I chose to do view B, which is basically the faux cap sleeves and the skirt is pleated instead of gathered. I liked the flutter sleeves but I have a problem with gathering, which is not anyone’s fault except mine. For some reason I end up fighting with my sewing machine and I always feel the gathers are never exactly symmetrical (does anyone else feel that way?) and that annoys me. So pleats are the way to go for me.


I also confess I was going to reconsider the pattern when I realized it needed three button holes. I don’t have anything against buttons, but I dislike having to make button holes. I almost always mess them up. But this time I took things VERY SLOWLY and measured three times before actually making them. The first one doesn’t look so good but you can’t see it, the second two are great. I found the three matching buttons in my button stash and they were a good match.

Overall, I am very happy with the pattern. The instructions are clear and easy to follow with a lot of pictures to help you along the way so even a beginner could make this dress confidently. I also love the finished dress, it is cute and summery and doesn’t have that homemade look we all try to avoid but looks handmade with love which is what we all aim for.

If you have a little girl this dress is definitely a winner.