Not a WIP anymore {Wednesday’s WIP}

This started last week as a bunch of cotton skeins of yarn.

And then they became a bunch if squares.

Which became a blanket.

Of course there were leftovers. And I have a problem with leftover yarn. So a baby beanie was made too.

As for WIPs I still have the ripple blanket and the viajante but I think I want to cast on a smaller project.

Willow Squares {Wednesday’s WIP}

I am just making squares for now. Don’t know what they will be used for yet.


Viajante {Wednesday’s WIP}

It is Wednesday somewhere, I am sure.  Or at least it is in my head.  Totally forgot to take a picture yesterday and didn’t want to do it at night when the light is so horrible.  I am still working on my Viajante (well barely) I am almost at the point where I am supposed to join for the round and it is really exciting.


Big Pile of Wips {Wednesday’s WIPs}

big pile of wips

I am still working on my blanket, my viajante and a crochet bag.  All of them slow projects.  Which right now works for me.  I also made a project bag yesterday.

My new #knitting project bag.I used EmmalineBags‘ tutorial to make it.  My handles were much smaller than the ones she used and I didn’t adjust the pattern size accordingly, but I am still pleased with the results

The inside of the #knitting bag

Untitled {Wednesday’s WIPs}

It has been a busy week.
I like being busy.

I am still working on my second color affection. But I am finally on the edge.

I made a little hat clip. I think I want to make a Cat in the Hat striped one.

I made cupcakes for the little one's class birthday party and they were a great success.

This morning I was feeling stressed so I made a bag. Instant stress relief.

I also printed out a new picture for my clear iphone case.

I also finished reading the book of awesome. It is awesome. Light happy reading that soothes the soul.


Squares [Wednesday’s WIP]

I am still working on my granny square blanket. It is fun. It is slow. It it's relaxing. I am also about to start this book. I just finished Umberto Eco's “How to travel with Salmon” some of the stories/essays were really good and some were so boring I skipped them.


I am also still working on my never ending granny square blanket. According ro my optimistic estimate, I still need another 5 skeins of yarn to get it to a good size to cover our King Size bed. I have this yellowish gold one, a blue one and some beigish yarn left. Each ball is more than 400 meters of yarn. That is a lot of 3DC clusters but I think it already looks gorgeous.

Slowly but surely. That is my motto for this one. I am in no hurry to finish it.



What are you working on this week?

It is doll making season [wednesday’s wip]



I somehow found myself making dolls. It is like it just happened. Something inspired me, which I can't recall and I went on this doll making research frenzy.



Dolls are fun to make. The options are limitless. You can include as much detail as you want or none at all.

I started out with this one. Then my mom said she wanted a granny one too. I am loving dressing them, giving them eyes and making the hair.

Do you like making toys?