Chocolate Mints Dolls [Friday’s Finished Objects]

This week I went on a doll making frenzy.

I got this idea that I could turn my family into little dolls. I started out with my daughter then my mom, now everyone wants their likeness turned into a doll. It is so exciting and fun. They are easy to make but the details take the most time. Things like hair and clothes take more time than the actual dolls. I love working on the details. The challenge of depicting their personalities is the best thing about them. I am still experimenting with different yarn and clothing options. I want to be more adventurous and sew things like jeans and hats.


What have you finished this week?



It is doll making season [wednesday’s wip]



I somehow found myself making dolls. It is like it just happened. Something inspired me, which I can't recall and I went on this doll making research frenzy.



Dolls are fun to make. The options are limitless. You can include as much detail as you want or none at all.

I started out with this one. Then my mom said she wanted a granny one too. I am loving dressing them, giving them eyes and making the hair.

Do you like making toys?


The vulnerability blanket

This started all the way back in August of 2012 and I used to call it the uncoordinated blanket because there was no color coordination whatsoever. I started out using leftover fingering weight yarn and just kept on going.  It was never meant to look perfect like some of the gorgeous blankets I have seen out there.  It was never even meant to look coordinated.  It was meant to use up the leftover yarns and to turn something that had no use into something useful and usable.  It was meant to be my downtime project, unexciting yet reliable.  It was never meant to be intricate, it is just a never ending granny square.

But the best thing about it, is that it is very honest.  What you see is what you get.  It doesn’t promise anything, it just is. It has been with me in happy times, not so happy times and that one time when I got really sick and almost died.  After that, I started changing the way I look at life and the way I live.  It has taken a long time but I think I am definitely at a much better place than where I started.

Long projects like this one are a reminder that we are never really an FO, we will always be WIPs. No matter how put together you think you are, there is always room for improvement and growth.  I am not perfect, I am clumsy and uncoordinated.  I am imperfect yet I am beautiful, useful, practical, quirky and funny. And so are you.  I do not aim for perfection anymore.  Just for trying really hard and growing.  I want to be more. But I do not want to be everything.

The change in name was inspired by Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are . My sister gifted me the book and it has changed the way I think about a lot of things.


Watch her TED talk, it sort of captures the essence of the book.

Summer in winter {Wednesday’s WIP}

After finishing the big dots bag I had some leftover yarn (a lot of it) and because my OCD makes it hard to accept yarn that has no purpose I just started another bag. I still haven’t decided how it will look like in the end but I have some different ideas.


Big Dots Bag {Free Pattern}

Sometimes I am just compelled to make something. An idea pops into my head and I feel helpless against stopping myself. Not that I really ever want to stop myself from making something special.
I felt the need to make a bag on Saturday. I knew exactly what it should look like. It would be smallish, crochet, made up of squares and mostly blue. I had some fake leather handles that I knew I could use and so I got the yarn and started making it.
I was done last night so it is a fairly quick project.
24 squares all together and a gazillion ends to weave in.
I think the weaving in was the only boring part of this project.

A PDF file for this pattern is available at the end of the post.

The yarn:
I used DK weight yarn and a 4 mm hook. The yarn is a cotton acrylic blend, because cotton on its own tends to sag and lose its shape quickly. I also prefer cotton bags because the weather here is warm most of the year so this makes the bag more usable. You are of course welcome to use whatever yarn blend that makes your heart sing.
You might also choose to use a thicker or thinner yarn, just use a suitable hook for it.


I used approximately 130 meters of the solid color and 200 meters of the multicolored yarn.


Terms used are all American.

CH chain

SC Single Crochet

DC Double crochet

HDC Half double crochet

To make the squares:
Round 1: Make a magic circle, chain 3 and DC 12 into it.
I will be ignoring the chain 3 and skip them when I slip into the first DC to close a round. I found that this worked better for the circles.
Slip stitch in the first DC to complete the round. [12 stitches]

Round 2: CH 3, DC 2 into each stitch. Slip stitch in the first DC to complete the round. [24 stitches]

Round 3: CH 3, DC 2 into  same stitch, DC 1 in next stitch, *DC 2 in next stitch, DC 1 in next stitch*. Slip stitch in the first DC to complete the round. [36 stitches.]

You should now have a circle made up of three rounds. If you are using the same color yarn for the frame then continue if not then cut off the yarn and join a new one in any stitch.

Round 4: Squaring the circle

CH 1, SC in same stitch, SC, HDC, HDC, DC 2 in next stitch, CH 2, *DC 2 in next stitch, HDC in next two stitches, SC in next 3 stitches, HDC in next two stitches, DC 2 in next stitch, CH 3* (repeat 3 times),  DC 2 in next stitch, HDC in next two stitches, SC in next stitch. Slip stitch into first SC to complete the round.

I like to finish all the circles, then all the frames, then weave in all the ends. What can I say, I like having a system. This works more like an assembly line and saves the time of stopping, putting down the hook, changing yarn, finding scissors and all that.

Now comes the fun part, joining the squares, the pink line is the fold line and the dark blue lines show you which side of which square joins where.


I found this on My craft bay. Go on over and check it out, she has more images like this that show you how to join a bag or a garment.
You can use whichever method of joining that makes you comfortable.  I used a slip stitch with the wrong sides facing together because I wanted the join raised and obvious to give it an interesting textured look.  Obviously this is a matter of preference, so do whatever makes you happy.


Each square messed 7.5 cm on the side, the handles measure 32 cm long from tip to tip.  The bag itself  is 29 cm at the widest point and 24 cm at its highest point.

I didn’t line my bag because I plan to use it mostly for quick errands or for holding my projects.

Finally sew on the handles and enjoy your bag.

Big Dots Bag Pattern Big Dots Bag


2014 blanket {Wednesday’s WIP}

I started this last year using leftover sock yarn. I hope to finish it in 2014.


Things I made this week

My week starts on a Saturday. It is usually a day of cleaning and tidying up while entertaining the 5year old and taking her to swimming lessons. Well last Saturday she didn’t have swimming lessons so she got out her Perler beads and started making stuff.

Instagram Photo

I found a penguin pattern and decided to make it. Man those things take a lot of time and the slightest nudge to the table knocks those beads off. And with a 5 year old sitting next to you, the table does get nudged a lot. But in the end I got a pretty penguin, well she decided it was hers.

Instagram Photo

On Sunday it was my birthday, so I made cupcakes (really good recipe). As usual I ended up with way way way more than a 3 person family should eat so I gave half of them to my husband to take to work. The other half was eaten by the 5 year old. Seriously, that kid loves chocolate cupcakes and would probably eat the for life if she could get away with it. I only ate one mini one and that was it.

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On Tuesday she got the day off so we spent it at home again and I tried to finish the never ending blanket. I also realized that the yarn I had would not be enough, yaaay new yarn for me.

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On Thursday I decided my husband really needed a new scarf and I had the perfect yarn for it, so I just cast on. I knit him one when I first started knitting, and I am pleased albeit slightly surprised that he wore it and actually loved it. So he definitely deserves a scarf. I knit him a pair of socks once, he never wore them so I unraveled them and made them smaller, I think I might just knit him another pair and insist (nag like a crazy knitter wife) he wear them 🙂

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Finally, I have been really wanting one of those sock knitting project boxy bags or dopp kits. I sewed two before but they never turned out how I wanted, this time I used interfacing and this tutorial. I love it. I am not sure if it is because my sewing skills have improved or I just got lucky but I am really happy with the results.

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So that is it folks. I guess it has been a productive week overall.