Varriegated Sock yarn socks


I have had this yarn for quite a while now, and I tried to use it before but just couldn’t find the perfect pattern for it, the colors are bright and saturated so any stitch pattern was usually drowned out by the loudness of the colors.

It is the perfect sock yarn in terms of yarn if you ask me, it is tightly twisted and doesn’t split but it is still soft and superwash, because who has the time to hand wash socks.

I think this stitch pattern is just perfect for it.

I had better run off and finish knitting, because these are my 6 year old daughter’s “Back to school” socks and she starts next Sunday.

Viajante {Wednesday’s WIP}

It is Wednesday somewhere, I am sure.  Or at least it is in my head.  Totally forgot to take a picture yesterday and didn’t want to do it at night when the light is so horrible.  I am still working on my Viajante (well barely) I am almost at the point where I am supposed to join for the round and it is really exciting.


Ghalya Doll pattern release

It has been ages since I have released a pattern.  This one is dear to my heart and has been in the making since February.  The doll itself is a simple one.  If you can crochet, increase and decrease in the round you can definitely make one.  I can make one in an afternoon.  The hair is a little bit time consuming but so worth it.  And the clothes are fun to make and customize.

Please welcome the Ghalya doll.

Ghalya Doll

 The pattern includes a crochet and a knit dress pattern, a photo tutorial for the hair and some accessory suggestions.  She stands at 22 cm (8.6inches) tall, the perfect height for a little girl’s doll.


The pattern is available on ravelry


The curious case of the forgetful blogger

I keep forgetting to blog.
It has been a while. I am a bad blogger.

Sorry, can I make it up to you with some pretty pictures?

After the crazy week of rainbow knitting and crocheting I wanted to knit socks so I cast on Jaywalkers.
I think I am the last sock knitter to knit jaywalkers. #knitting

The week before last the 6 year old was home for spring break so we made some Sharpie mugs.  If you have never made them or made them and they failed check out Craftaholics Anonymous, they have some great tips.

#sharpiemugs are fun.

And then I caught a bug called “makedollitis”, but it is ok, I am better now
Sweet instant gratification. #crochet

I find peace in making. #crochet #amigurumi

Now to add some hair. #crochet #amigurumi

Jumpsuit attempt number 1. Needs some work. #crochet #knitting

Before spring break ended someone got out the ruffled fabric and asked for a skirt, so I made a skirt. This is the second time I use this fabric, the first time it was a nightmare, so this time I researched some more, found this tutorial from Make it & Love it.  She also asked for a bag so I made this teeny tiny cute bag.

Today's #sewing. A ruffles fabric skirt and a mini bag for her dolls.

Then I decided if I could knit a doll. Isn’t she cute?

There was a time when there wasn't anything in the world that would make me knit 6 stitch tubes using DPNs. #knitting  #chocolatemintsinajardolls

A knit version of the #chocolatemintsinajardolls #knitting

And the Jaywalkers got frogged and cast on as plain vanilla socks.  Then it got tedious so I got out my fancy sock yarn hanks, wound them into balls as motivation (bribery)
I have been having sock #knitting trouble lately. So I am motivating myself with pretty #yarn

But of course I got lost somewhere and started Eva’s Shawl, which has probably been in my revelry favorites since I first joined.  I am trying to use up as much of my stashed yarn as I can because the yarn is getting out of control.

I have wanted to #crochet this shawl since 2009.


I hope you made it to the end and enjoyed yourself.  I will try to remember to blog more regularly.

Chocolate Mints Dolls [Friday’s Finished Objects]

This week I went on a doll making frenzy.

I got this idea that I could turn my family into little dolls. I started out with my daughter then my mom, now everyone wants their likeness turned into a doll. It is so exciting and fun. They are easy to make but the details take the most time. Things like hair and clothes take more time than the actual dolls. I love working on the details. The challenge of depicting their personalities is the best thing about them. I am still experimenting with different yarn and clothing options. I want to be more adventurous and sew things like jeans and hats.


What have you finished this week?



Curvy Pouch {Updated Free Pattern}

I finally got round to update my Curvy Pouch pattern.  There was no mistake, it was just unclear so I made the wording better (I hope)



You can download the new version by clicking the image below.

Curvy Pouch Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 9.11.10 AM


Sometimes you need to do things again

I have been getting questions on my Curvy Pouch pattern recently about the decreases. I can’t see where the problem is so I decided to cast on one myself and follow the pattern to see if I can find the problem.