Handy Reference Cards for Knitters and Crocheters

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Every time I come across a pattern that calls for a needle or a hook thats size is not given in metric I have to go ask Google what size that is.  So instead of having to do that every time I decided to make handy reference cards.

The PDF includes 3 cards

  • Needle Size Conversion
  • Hook Size Conversion
  • WIP, gauge and recommended hook or needle size for different yarn category

I also added the WIP card because I buy lots of  yarn that does not clearly state what category yarn it falls into.  It makes my life easier to have a general idea.

Reference Card Knitters Crochet

Now I am thinking I need mini project cards and printable ball bands.

Download the PDF file for the Handy Reference Cards

Print them on card stock, cut them and have them laminated so they can withstand every day wear and tear.

For such a lazy person, I spent a couple of hours making these this mornings.

Is there anything else I am missing?

My Creative Space: Stitch Markers

I tried finding cute stitch markers for my knitting but I could only find split stitch rings, which kept getting tangled in my knitting. Definitely a no-no for a beginner like me. Having to deal with tangled knitting is as hard as it is without dealing with tangled stitch markers and knitting.

I had all but given up on finding them and had decided to order some.

Until I found these:

Totally cute and colorful.
Aren’t they so gorgeous?

I also had a couple of those cell phone charm string thingies.

Add the two together and voila!
Number Stitch Markers

They’re perfect because I use the numbers in order. I am making something in the round that has increases in 7 different places and a simple lace pattern at the bottom. I placed number 1 in the beginning of the round so I know where the first repeat starts.

Now the only problem is I still have so many numbers left I don’t know what to do with them.

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Quick and dirty way of adding a zipper to a crochet pouch

Do you need a row/stitch counter on your phone?

Screenshot of the app

and your phone is *not* an iphone but a symbian or Java enabled phone?

Then check out Multicounter.

It is a free application that can be installed on your phone.  You can set multiple counters, rename them, reset counters and all the things you need from a counter.  Pretty awesome!

My Creative Space: Make a Nostepinne

I hate scrap yarn.  I don’t really hate scrap yarn I am just always annoyed by it and I hate storing it because those little balls keep rolling all over the place.  I had two options when I was left with a partial skein either roll into a small ball (which I usually did)  or leave it and risk it getting all tangled up (which I don’t do because I hate untangling more than I hate scrap yarn).

I knew that you could hand wind a center pull ball but after trying it a couple of times I realized either I have short thumbs or bad technique and dropped the idea for a while until I came across a posting on ravelry about nostepinnes.  I found the prettiest wood ones on etsy and even one that included a wpi gauge which I ordered but until that arrives I wanted to start winding those balls correctly.

So I did what any self respecting craft lover would do, I made my own using a sheet of A4 paper, double sided sticky tape and a pair of scissors.

All you need to do is stick the sticky tape on your paper along the short side and roll the paper tightly and stick it to form a nice tube.

I cut up a notch at the top so I could attach my slip stitch to it so the yarn doesn’t run away and mess everything up.

I found this blog which explains the process of winding using a nostepinne in pictures and a video.

Then I made a ball band so I remember and know right away what yarn it is and how much of it is left.

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