Socks and holding on to stuff {Wednesday’s WIPs}

IMG_1553The socks are my only current WIP (work in progress).  I managed to finish up everything else and trying to work at one thing at  a time.  They are for my daughter, she asked for them.  The yarn is Knitpicks Felici and I had two balls of this colorway, my last two and since Felici has been discontinued I was hoarding them.  For some reason I decided to use them.  I have been decluttering all month, using the Konmari method from the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Japanese author Marie Kondo.  The secret to her method is to only keep what truly brings you joy.  Own only what you truly love and cherish and it will be enough. 

I had already gotten rid of most of my yarn stash, all of the things I didn’t like got sent away to the charity place.  Even my extra needles and hooks were sent.  All that is left is yarn that I really like, that truly brings joy, so it did not make sense to save it anymore.  I bought it to use it, so I might as well just do it. 

I thought that I got rid of things easily, and in general I do.  I try not to attach sentimental value to objects and things.  I try to keep attachment in general to a minimum.  But sometimes some items slip by.  When I was tidying up, I found movie ticket stubs to when my husband and I first got married.  I found notes we had written to each other.  Forgotten at the back of drawers.  So why had I held onto them?  Why was it hard to throw them away?  Maybe deep down we feel that these things become talismans of happy memories.

Marie explains why we don’t get rid of things “But when we really delve into the reasons for why we can’t let something go, there are only two: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future.”  And to drive the point home she also wrote “Truly precious memories will never vanish even if you discard the objects associated with them.” and “It is not our memories but the person we have become because of those past experiences that we should treasure.

She is right.  The memories didn’t go away when I got rid of the stuff, the preciousness of the beautiful moments that I was tried to preserve did not fade away.  Symbolically, to me personally, it felt that I should work harder on making more beautiful memories with the people I care about instead of trying to find mementos to preserve old memories with them.  It works for the yarn too.  Yes it will probably be the last time I will enjoy the yarn, but the socks will last longer, well maybe not for the 7 year old, who grows out of her socks in the blink of an eye. But the enjoyment of knitting them and seeing her wear them for some time is much greater than the yarn being left forgotten in the bottom of my yarn basket.  There will always be more yarn and more beautiful memories, I just need to remember to make a conscious decision of choosing the joy of experience over the joy of possession.



I have been doing a lot of thinking.  I think a lot.  All the time.  Sometimes I think about lots of things, sometimes I obsess about the same things over and over.  This blog was one of those obsessive thoughts for the last couple of weeks.  I love blogging.  As  much as I would like to think I blog for others to read (which I totally do)  I also blog for myself.  I love sharing the things I care about (unless it is french fries, I don’t like sharing my food).  I love crafting, but I also love lots of other stuff.  Over the years I have changed, but my interests and the things I have enjoyed doing have more or less stayed the same.  When I was ten, I loved reading, comic books, making stuff, solving puzzles and listening to the radio.  I am 33 and I am still a bookdragon (because bookwork is so meek), love comic books, love puzzles, all kinds of crafts interest me and I am a huge podcast geek.

This just makes my heart explode. #stripes #sockknitting #knitting fortunately I still have another ball left to make a matching pair for the 7 year old who has threatened to take these hostage until she gets her own pair.

I am also passionate about other things.  I am currently a grad student, working on a Masters degree in Psychology.  I have very strong feelings about women’s issues all over the world, but mostly in the Middle East.  I am a foodie, I love good food and I love baking and cooking.  I love art, looking at it, learning about its history and trying to create it myself.  I love traveling, seeing the world and learning about different cultures.  I love photography and stationary.  I have a huge collection of fountain pens and will probably buy more.

Knitty kitty cat hat done. #knitting

I feel that for the longest time, I was boxed in by my own self, tried to compartmentalize my interests into neat little boxes.  I tried keeping the different facets of my identity separate, without realizing I was the one limiting my interests.  I used to think that I went through several identity crisis growing up, but now I realize my identity was quite clear, it was expressing it that was always the biggest hurdle. 

I ❤️ bookstores.

It is time to try new things and love them and talk about them. If you read this blog for the knitting, I hope you stick around and invite me into your world too. 

The one where the blogger realizes she hasn’t blogged in ages and shows off a bunch of FOs {Friday’s FO}}

I had no idea that the last time I posted on this blog was last January. Oops! I really didn’t mean to forget. And I really have been busy. I finished the blanket.

11 months in the making. 21 balls of yarn. 147 rows. 254 stitches a row. It is done. #crochet

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I used the leftovers to make a bag, and I LOVE IT!

I have also been busy making inserts for my fauxdori and journaling like crazy.

I am super happy with the inserts I made. #travelersnotebook

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And I got cornered into sewing a dress for my daughter. She was sooo happy with it.

And I just finished reading this book and I love it. I already tidied up the socks and unmentionables and the difference is Crazy!

Another week, another hat. {Friday’s FO}

Yup. It is done. And I have already cast another one


Oops I did it again {Wednesday’s WIP}

I am making another sockhead hat on larger needles so hopefully it will fit this time.


What is in your knitting notion toolkit?

Knitting notions

What is in your knitting notions kit? I keep all of my notions in a big tin, because I love them and it is easier to access whatever you need compared to a zippered case.  I have a needle book where I keep most of the needles I use for weaving in the ends, I also have a set of three larger ones I use with bulky and super bulky yarn, they’re the ones in the tin.  Stitch markers, needle threaders, a thimble, a pair of scissors, two measuring tapes and my stitch counter.  There is also a few magnetic bookmarks that I use to mark printed patterns or my place in my stitch pattern books.  I like having everything I need in the same place.


It is all trial and error {Saturday Sketchbook}

It is all just trial and error, you try stuff, you make mistakes, then you try again.