Friday’s FO: the dress

I finally finished the dress. The stockinet was mind numbing. But the end result was definitely worth it. And just in time for the warmer weather. She sure loves her dresses. So worth it in fact that I cast on a second one. I knit this one from the bottom up using on colorway that had really long color repeats. This time I am using three colors and knitting from the top down.

The 5 year old chose the colors herself. I am pleased she picked colors that were not pinks or purples or typically girly colors. I am already at the skirt portion.

The skirt will be striped using all three colors. I am enjoying it so far but I think the bodice on the bottom up version was more interesting. But then again I will find out when it is done.

I also cast on a pair of socks for her using some leftover sock yarn because she has suddenly outgrown most of the socks I knit for her. She actually likes hand knit socks. I mismatched them intentionally. I have a thing for socks that are not twins. They look more fun and carefree. I am knitting them toe up and two at a time. Not my favorite technique but it is perfect for using up the yarn until the last yard.

Oh I have another FO, it is not really an FO but it is still a cool thing. I finally found some fold over elastic at my local store.

And made a bunch of headbands. I went back and got another 6 colors and made 2 of each color and the little one took them to school and shared with her friends. They literally take minutes to make and they are so comfortable and they look really nice too.


Wednesday’s WIP: Vitamin D and a shop update

I am knitting the sleeves on the Vitamin D. Interestingly they are knit flat and then seamed up. It seams unintuitive but the designer says it it to maintain gauge. I hate sleeves. When I knit slew was I always wish humans had shorter arms. But I guess the good news once I am done with them I will have fun knitting left.


I also wanted to let you know that I added the stitch markers to my etsy shop so hop on over and take a look. etsy store

Friday’s FO: another tiara and a mug rug


These tiaras are incredibly addictive. Small project, fast and a very small amount of yarn. The bonus is that my daughter totally loves them. The pattern is called Princess in disguise

These mug rugs too are another fantastic project if you want to use up yarn scraps and end up with something beautiful and useful. The pattern is available on ravelry

Wednesday’s WIP: Return of the crafter with ADD

That would make a really lame movie title.  Do you remember when the little voices told me to go buy yarn? No? You’re not really concentrating then are you? Well you can go take a peak.

Stripey Dress

To be honest, I am done with it. It is a dress. A striped dress. The recipient can’t wait to wear it so I don’t have an action shot yet. It is always a happy moment when the 4 year old (almost 5 now) is happy with an item.

And then the naughty voices made me buy 5 of this
Himalaya Efsun in Beige

and three of this
Alize Cashmira in Grey

and these
New Hooks

It also turns out that I can also blame them for buying stitch marker supplies
Stitch Marker Making Supplies

which turned out into these:
Stitch markers

I loved making them. It was slightly harder than I thought. Or my hands are just more used to handling yarn than dealing with pliers and wire and things that need a lot of oomph.

My actual WIPs for this week are these gloves
First Real Gloves

and a crochet shawl/scarf I am not sure yet.
A little crochet

What are you all upto?

I finished something


It is a miracle. I actually started and finished something. This is another November Hat.  It is starting to feel slightly chilly in the morning so a hat for the little one was in order.  It was a fun knit, and the yarn works beautifully with the stitch pattern.

Wednesday’s WIPs: starting and no finishing


It has been hard. I keep starting and frogging projects. Yesterday I had these three projects plus the leftover giant granny square blanket. As of this morning I frogged the pink striped project in the back of the photo. My hands don’t want to make anything. I feel totally unbalanced. I can’t find my center. That happy place where you go to when you craft or do anything creative. And when I can’t go there, I can’t relax at all. I know I went through a lot and I am trying to cut myself some slack but I can’t believe or don’t want to believe it is this bad.

Even the projects that are still on the needles are ones I dislike and think I will frog too.
But being the ever optimistic realist that I am there is nothing to do except to keep casting on, one of them will turn put to be a winner eventually.

Friday’s FO. The quirky uncoordinated blanket.

Quirky blanket
It is finally finished. The quirky uncoordinated blanket. This was started way back in March and was a destashing attempt. I had lots of Dk weight yarn left over from several projects and I wanted to use it all up to free some space for more yarn.
It is just a basic log cabin blanket, I would knit until the yarn was finished then turn it around, pick up stitches on the side and use a new color. The last couple of colors were the hardest because the rows were becoming longer and longer and the blanket was getting bigger and heavier.
Still, it was all worth it. My daughter is in love with it.
The yarn is cotton, acrylic and some wool blends so I have no idea how it will look after its first wash but I am hoping it will not stretch out of shape too much.