A journal pen bandolier { or a whatchamacallit }

Last week I came across this journal keeping method called Bullet Journal and I fell in love with it. It is simple, analog and easy to use. I usually keep journals to jot down notes and reminders but they always get muddled up after a few weeks of use and it isn't easy to find what I am looking for. This system simply works. It is not rocket science, just a clear way of doing things.

The problem usually is that I end up losing my pens inside my bag. I googled journal pen holders and saw these bandolier thingies. And said hey I can make me one of those. And so I did. This is version two. The first one was crooked and the edges weren't so neatly done because I folded them inside instead of twice on the outside. I am so happy with the finished result.

I am not worried about losing my pens and I feel super organized which is always a good thing.

What is your favorite “organized” thing you own?